Yet Another Garage Door Controller w/ Hubduino

Since there are lots of instances of people doing various things for their garage doors, I thought I’d share mine.

Special thanks to @ogiewon for pushing the D1 Mini’s (I have 5 doing various things) and for his work on Hubduino - it looks more intimidating than it really is. And to @krlaframboise for the Zooz Garage drivers. After I spent half a day taking bits of Apps and drivers from various threads here, I ran across Kevin’s drivers and threw out all my work as his code was much more elegant and effective.

Here is my rundown ~ $20 if you already have contact sensors for your opener (I did from using MyQ Lite). All of this assumes you have them or can get them to identify when your door is closed.

Let me know if you have questions or need help.


nice, good stuff. i recently did a garage door opener and used a smart plug with a relay connected to a secondary switch to open my garage door (stupid security 2.0). it was one less battery to worry about, and I just need to control the plug and not need another app. I teamed this up with a wadwaz-1 with a tilt sensor to work on the door and have been solid since

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