Yale Assure Lock Z-Wave vs Assure Lock 2 Z-Wave

I was looking to finally install a smart lock to use with my hubitat C7. Just wanted to get some input on whether there are any reasons to go for the older model (eg better compatibility). Are they the same in terms of available features with the hubitat? Also, is it possible to expose the device from hubitat to google home?

Assure Lock:

Assure Lock 2:

I have a Yale Assure2 ZWave and I love mine. Yes you can expose it to Google Home but only with the Community integration. The built-in Google Home integration doesn't support locks.

If I didn't already own several of the older YRD256 Z-Wave locks, I would personally go with this one because it supports Apple Home Key and we're an iOS family.

If we weren't an iOS family then I would go with the touch version instead. Direct integration isn't possible since it's WiFi, but I could integrate it via HomeKit automations or HA and Home Assistant Device Bridge.

I do not like locks that have keyways. It's just a point of attack I don't want on my locks. Only if it's a critical need would I allow it.


Fingerprint lock looks interesting but would prefer something with z-wave for hubitat integration. I guess what would I lose out on without hubitat that I would be able to do with one of the z-wave locks (eg remote lock/unlock through hubitat, google home, setting codes via hubitat, etc)? I'd prefer to not use the Yale app at all, or at least not after initial setup.

I believe a Z-Wave card should work as the Series 2 locks use cards for all protocols other than BT. I've seen reports of them working with Control4 Zigbee modules. The issue with Yale and Z-Wave is that they still seem to be selling the 500 series card. There is a 700 series, but seems to only be available through alternate channels like eBay.

Thanks for sharing, didn't realize these came out. Too bad they're Wi-Fi.

Would have liked to see the Apple Home Key come out as a thread model.

Fingerprint model would have been nice in Z-Wave or Zigbee.

Like anything with technology, I'm sure this will all change.

To answer your question, @user765, features are the same. Aesthetically, I think the new locks look better and the form factor is smaller. I'm sure the Assure 2 can be picked up at a good price for Black Friday. I got oddly lucky and picked up a brand new Assure 2 Z-Wave Keypad for $140 on Amazon back in September.

Could still happen via a module I suppose.

They've made that Series 2 lineup very confusing. There are Series 2 that do support Z-Wave and then there are the Series 2 locks (Fingerprint and HomeKey linked above) that do not state they allow anything but WiFi modules to be added to their BT models that ship without the WiFi card.

Yale makes it sound like you can just swap in any module, but when I tried to add a HomeKit module I had from Yale Assure lock that shipped with it, to one of my Assure locks that shipped with a Z-Wave module, it wasn't recognized. I prefer the Z-Wave module, but I just wanted to confirm if it was possible and that wasn't the case. Probably a difference in lock firmware.

I do have one of the older Assure locks that shipped with a Yale Access module. This is in fact a BT module that connects over WiFi via an August bridge (which is annoyingly different than the HomeKit capable August bridge that I paid $100 for my now broken August v2 BT door lock, and the bridge is now useless to me as well). With Home Assistant, I'm able to control and get status via August Connect and so that might also be possible with the new Series 2 WiFi enabled locks. That Yale Access (e.g. special August Acess bridge) is also HomeKit capable and that's also the case with the Series 2 Fingerprint and Home Key WiFi enabled versions. So there's a way, but it stinks if you want it fully compatible with Hubitat. This is why I've just stopped hoping for better right now, and decided to just stick with my exisiting Yale Z-Wave locks. They work and I can manage them remotely via Hubitat Lock Code Manager, plus I can control them via Homebridge. Good enough.

Thanks for the all the feedback. Ended up going with an Assure 2 touchpad with z-wave since the google home integration is an important factor for me.

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Does the hubitat support managing lock codes on the assure 2 or do I need to use the Yale access app for that?

Viable alternative?

Yeah, I don’t get the decision choice there. That’s identical to the YRD 256 locks I have, except it supports Matter. Why they did not add Matter to the current generation with Touch and Apple Home Key in at least one or the other, if not a combined feature lock is a mystery.

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Not as lucrative as making you buy new hardware to get latest bells-&-whistles. I love my Yale locks, but they are turning darn greedy with how they are approaching updates lately. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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They’re owned by Fortune Brands. Says it all in the name. Expect nothing less than greed.

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That lock, which is actually from their older product line, looks to have received pretty bad reviews. Yale still hasn't released the stand-alone card for all of its other locks. They used to have a page for "coming soon" that doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Yale was part of Assa Abloy until about a minute ago, any missteps precede Fortune by a long time.

I recently got an Assure SL (YRD-256) from Amazon with a "Warehouse Deal" (aka open box) for $120. Was basically brand new, still had factory stickers on the touch screen. The security is only S0 but it is performing great. It has found 36 mesh neighbors which is outstanding for the location it is in. Direct connection on the C8 from about 20ft away. Even when running the command to refresh all 250 lock codes I have not seen any other mesh issues.


At first I was thinking I would want a key for backup.... but honestly the key makes it less secure.

One thing I found out the hard way (after receiving it), is the older Assure SL, does not have the Bluetooth auto-unlock with the Yale App. The Assure 2 has BT built in and can work with the Yale app to auto-unlock when you get close to it with your phone. Would have been useful for kids. Could be replicated on the hub using some sort of presence tracking of course. So I may upgrade it some day if they ever get their zwave modules sorted out and start selling it with a modern chip to the public.

The Alfred DB1 is a hot deal right now as well, I grabbed one to try out on another door, have not installed yet but reviews on here and elsewhere are good.


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4 of my locks are exactly this and I bought on warehouse deals just as you did. The 5th is an Assure SL with August Access. I paid almost full price for that one and it has a key, but I wanted a mechanical bypass for that since it’s on the rental space.

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