Yaaaaaaaaaaas! (Tuya AM43 Blinds Drive)



Oh fun! One of these days I will get to that.

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What specifically did you order?

I see a bunch of generic "you can find a lot of these for sale all over" comments that seem to indicate they are more like a "category of things" than a specific product???

Zigbee? Z-Wave? Bluetooth?

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Have fun...new projects always make for an interesting weekend. :wink:

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Waiting for the blinds to arrive this week

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Any luck with getting it integrated?

It works fine. Have played with it but can't fully install it till the shade is here this week. Pairing was easy once I realized the sequence (hold mode button and down until blue light flashes). Works as expected.

Can I ask what driver you used please?

The one in hubitat package manager by @amosyuen

Driver discussion at [RELEASE] Zemismart Zigbee Blind Driver

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I'm really interested in this. From what I can see, they will work with vertical blinds. But... could they be set up not only to open the blinds but also to draw them open? Sort of like, you get one to do the first and another to do the second?

Also, if you are pairing these with Hubitat, do you need to get the bridge that these work with or do they work directly with Hubitat?

Also, another thought - if you have them properly paired in Hubitat, you should be able to import them in Alexa and control them through voice controls too, right?

They work directly with hubitat. And yes in alexa or google you can control them

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How’d u get a solar panel?

It comes with it even though it's not shown on aliexpress

Thx, is it loud? How long did shipping take?

quiet, about a week

So places I'm hearing it called the Zemismart and other place I see it called Tuya... are they one and the same brand?


Finally got mine, Zemismart AM43 Blinds Drive. Looking forward to trying it out.

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