Wouldn't it be nice

I can attached the Local Hub to Alexa via the Amazon Echo Skill - and all I can see is a temperature.

There are times when I wish ... I WISH I could tell Alexa - 'Alexa - Turn off Hub Rules for 30 mins.'. -or 'Alexa - Reboot Hub'.

Don't get me wrong, I know voice control isn't a big deal but you really get used to it. Why doesn't the hub have some form of features exposed? Group controls, maybe App controls. 'Alexa - Open Garage Dashboard on the Living Room tablet' - instead of the finger management, logging in - yada yada. It really seems to me that the Hub could have more useability ....
I know - won't happen - too expensive, too unnecessary - Circular file. HA. Beat ya.

You actually can do some of what you want. :slight_smile: To make Alexa reboot the hub, create a virtual "momentary" switch (use the built-in "Auto off" setting), then create a rule triggering from that switch turning on and send an HTTP POST to reboot your hub (like this), or use a community app to do the same. Then, to get the friendly invocation you want, create an Alexa routine triggered by that phrase that turns on this switch.

You can sort of do the "30 minutes" thing, too, but the big problem is that Alexa doesn't have a way to schedule such things by voice. This isn't really a Hubitat problem. If you always want 30 minutes, you could again create a virtual switch that runs a rule and does whatever you want, then create an Alexa routine to turn on that switch (but again, this would be limited to the specified time for that switch since Alexa cannot take in parameters like this; though if you really feel like it, you can use creative workarounds like manually/awkwardly manipulating a virtual dimmer and using that value for time).

Not so sure about the opening-a-Dashboard thing, but it's possible someone could write an Alexa skill to do that. I can't recall seeing anything like that for any platform. Maybe a good experiment for someone to try if they're bored. :smiley:


If your using Fully Kiosk Browser on the tablet to display the dashboard, it should be possible. I have tablets display different dashboards based on events. For example if a doorbell is rung, the tablet will switch to display the door's camera feed dashboard.

So it is easy enough to have HE open the Garage Dashboard on the Living Room tablet based on a virtual switch. I imagine you would just have to add the switch to Alexa.

Now that piques my interest. I'm guessing you're using ([RELEASE] Fully Kiosk Browser Controller)

Try Echo Speaks. I installed it, haven't done much, but the integration with Alexa voice appears spot on!

Yep, easy to set up.
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Thanks for ideas - I'm very aware that I could program some of these things. I was trying to make a point about an area that could improve with the Hub. I was trying to express that group controls and a form of 'management' of the hub seem lacking in general. the tie in to Alexa was more the exposure side and I guess I shouldn't have described it outside in.
Imagine a setting on the hub that allows disable of rules related to a Room. from it, you could expose a command to the Alexa that says "Alexa, pause bedroom for 30 minutes'.
Imagine you could stop all Rules that contain a particular motion trigger.
I guess as I think it through - most of the idea centers on rules but I still feel there are hub related things in the settings that might benefit from another layer of management. Like the ability to choose what attributes are secured... oh well. it was just an idea.

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