Reboot Hub

I saw someone post a rule that had as an action "Reboot Hub".

Where would I find that command in rule maker?

I would like to use that command in a rule to reboot my hub every night at 2 am, because if I don't reboot my hub on a regular basis it begins to slow down.

If you don't have a hub login setup, you can boot via rule machine by sending an http POST to "http://your_hubitat's_ip:8080/hub/reboot"

If you have a hub login setup, then just use @dman2306' Hub Rebooter app. Actually, you can use his app even if you don't have a hub login setup.


In creating a rule with the http post, it asks me for Content Type: json, xml, form encoded, text. Which do I use?

I believe 2am is hub maintenance time and not a good time to reboot.


You're not sending any content, so choose whatever the default it. And @Brandon's advice is sound.

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I'm not sure what to put where. Is content type text? What do I put in Enter body for POST? Could you please walk me through this screen?

  1. Replace "your_hubitat's_ip" with the actual IP address of your Hubitat Elevation.
  2. The rest of it is ok as is.

Yes, I knew it needed my actual ip address :crazy_face:
I had just copied and pasted and wasn't finished editing the rule yet.

Thank you very much for your help, aaiyar! :grinning:

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how do you stop the rule from looping? everytime the hub reboot it will count as a systemstar so the hub will be rebooting every single time, i had to change my hub's ip address so i could delete the rule.

does this work for shutdown too? (substituting reboot)

Im thinking of using that for my UPS to remote shutdown after power has been out for a given duration.