[Withdrawn] Ring Alarm Range Extender 1st and 2nd Generation (Z-Wave Extender with Battery Backup)

Mine came from Amazon this week, as well. I’ll look at the box later and see if it has any sort of new/improved markings, dates, firmware printed on the box, or anything like it.

ETA: Nothing obvious on the box, just the device serial# and the S2 DSK. Doesn't look like much, if anything, on the unit either. It does have a SKU# of 4AR1S70EN0.

I went back and reviewed my logs, though they have rolled since I installed the device.

The two errors in my log both happened about 1 second on either side (1 before, 1 after) of a battery report, with no other information in the log. (And I did nothing to knowingly cause the report in these two cases.)

I will keep the detailed logging enabled and hope it happens again, but I think this lends some credence to the 'funky firmware' theory.

Below are the errors with the old driver and then the new version. The error seems slightly different so I wanted to post it for your review. (4:12-old driver, 4:18-new version)

Battery status does not seem to function ("charging" when disconnected)



EDIT: @JB_TX can you confirm your does this as well?

I see the same behavior on both (the log entries and the battery status not changing.)

I did find a way to identify at least when the extender was made:

Mine is ...21939...

So, Ring Hub Version 2 (Interesting! Does that mean that TechMedX and I have 'new' models?) and made in the 39th week (Sep 23-29) of 2019.

@TechMedX, can you decode your serial number?

21938... so 1 week before yours

Mind has a "LD" after the date, not DM. Not sure what that means, imagine your is the same.


Yes, mine is LD.

According to a Best Buy product page, the 2nd gen Ring Extender has a different SKU# than my unit, so mine is still the 'first gen'

Well, from your serial it's clearly a first gen revision 2. My serials looks like this:


And my device ID is 101 where yours is 201. They just barely announced yesterday version 2 of these but it looks like version 1 revision 2 has been around since the end of 2019.

Anyway, I don't have an event to return when the event is 254 unless that really means discharging. Just out of curiosity @JB_TX and @TechMedX are you getting that event when you unplug it as well? If you get a 254 event every time you unplug I can just count it as a batteryStatus "ok". Otherwise, I might actually just send an unknown event because batteryStatus is my own attribute.

Not here. I just tested. So far I have only seen it on pushing "refresh"

lol... I'm tempted to go tell them we found a bug.

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Same, except I have had the two 'spurious' entries. As I said, mine is working fine, it's just one of those mysteries that has to be solved!

Or, since there's a new version coming out soon, we can just scrap this whole project and buy new ones. :grimacing:

Cheers for this driver! I forgot I had an extender sitting in my old Ring Alarm box, pulled it out and this appears to be working fantastic.

I've updated the driver to include support for the 2nd generation extender as well.


Suggestion if you may, I'd add the detailed instructions you included in this thread here to your FAQ for the Gen2 Range Extender for any future user to successfully pair these.

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