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I'm wondering if anyone has done something to execute functions on a PC through HE Rules. I'm most interested in adding rules to shut down the PC or put it to sleep, but it would also be cool to run automations, open applications, execute specific functions in applications, etc.

I started using an open source app called Clavier+ that allows you to launch programs, go to websites, open directories, and build simple keystrokes. Thinking it can't be impossible to have those be executed by a hub.


If the app has an api, there is a good chance it could be integrated into HE. EventGhost is another application I see mentioned quite often. I installed it many years ago as a test and it seemed very powerful. I believe it also has a Http api that would allow control via HE. I don't have a need to do this so I've never tried it.

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Take a look at AutoHotKey, it's freeware and very powerful. You can even make executables (.exe)

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EventGhost seems like what I'm looking for at first look. Thanks for the ref!

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I was deciding between Clavier+ and autohotkey. Both seem to be open source and actively updated. I'll have to try it out as well.

I use a harmony hub to lock and unlock my computer and launch a few programs like Kodi and Steam.

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I haven't tried but I would think you should be able to do something with the Maker API and PowerShell. Does anyone have any experience with this? I may play around with it over the weekend to see what is possible, if anything.

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I have no experience with this at all, but it seems like it would add a little more simplicity if you connected Maker to something like Autohotkey that already has a GUI for users to create the actions. I'm definitely speaking out of school though.

I'm running this. Never had any issues with it at all.


well that's interesting... I wonder if EventGhost has any advantages over this

I've not used EventGhost myself, but I do all sorts with TRIGGERcmd.

Shut down my PC, and also have it speak to me "System is shutting down, have a nice evening Sir" (just so I know its been accepted and Hibernation will soon follow). I Open my mail, I have several batch files I run, so rather than stop what I'm doing, I just ask Alexa to do it.

This is on my work machine, on my own machine, I have it run the same, but add Netflix and Spotify or anything entertainment wise. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this is an advantage or disadvantage to you but Triggercmd seems to be cloud based while eventGhost is not.

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I am going to write a quick script in Autoit to simulate normal "work" activity. It will have some mouse movement, open some MS Office docs, some keys strokes, and things like that. Then have it triggered only when there isn't any motion detected in my home office. The overseers will think I'm hard at work. I am going to call the rule "gone fishin'".

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