Possible to link hubitat with a linux or windows desktop and have a motion detector trigger a program or popup on my desktop?

Was just curious if this is a possibility I can look into? Maybe would want to link hubitat to a rasberry pi media player....

I'm sure there is a way.... best thing I can think to try is running a web server or something that can accept a HTTP call on your PC and make a call out to that based on a rule or custom driver / app. As long as the web service on the PC can launch the application. You could also have comm's coming back in via the Maker API if you wanted, depending if you need that and what you may want coming back to the HE hub.


The adjusted description of the media player is probably quite achievable I would think. Although I use Linux and do have a rpi, I'm more of a Windows PC guy... so there may be others better at guiding you the rest of the way. In the end you can usually do most things in Linux.

It's been a while but I used to play around with things like MediaPC I think it was called, from memory I think it was along similar lines to Kodi..?? Those kind of media-centre type setups typically allowed for all sorts of plugins and user-driven add-ons, so perhaps one of those setups might be worth a look..? Even Plex may have something that runs on a pi nowadays....?

Nice that's great news! Was hoping to possibly have my garage motion detector trigger a "turn on TV and play random movie" kind of scenario.

Can't guarantee any of that.... :slight_smile: just throwing around some ideas that may be worth investigating. Alternatively you could look at remotes or some kind of Logitech Harmony or Broadlink RM Pro type setup, i.e. triggering a remote control style command instead of through applications and HTTP calls. Not necessarily a better solution, but may be easier, depending on your setup.

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It depends a lot on how technical you want to get. Itโ€™s trivial to write an http server if you have some software skills, but thatโ€™s not an option for most people.

  • the rule machine can be setup to send and receive requests to/from an http server, and it can be configured easily to do so on certain actions
  • The maker api has a post feature which will send a request to an http server for every event on the hub
  • nodered is a great, less programmery style environment where you can accomplish literally anything
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I think someone ported an eventghost driver as well.

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Here is another thread that discusses this
Windows PC Control - Support / Devices - Hubitat

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Cool !
I'd love to read some uses of this integration to get ideas.

I think the question is what do you want to do with the raspberry pi media player. TTS or Music playback.

I have currently a Raspberry pi zero running pi os with VLC on it. VLC is configured to allow remote management with HTTP. There is a device driver you can get called VLC Thing that will allow hubitat to talk to that raspberry pi over that HTTP interface. From there you can use it as a TTS device with certain smart apps. Then you just need to pass it the right info from Hubitat.