Wifi air conditioner

Hi I
have a 3 units of Tadiran wifi air conditioner.
they works with "ewpe smart app", with homebridge they work with Cooper & Hunter plugin and in home assistant they work with Gree Climate integration.
is there any driver that can work on hubitat?
they are the last devices left to migrate from home assistant to hubitat, help will be greatly appriciated

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I also have one of these WiFi ac systems. I was able to bring it to Hubitat using NR (node red).
Did not find a direct way as it requires a driver that I could not find exist.

Leave them on home assistant. And use Home Assistant Device Bridge to bring them into Hubitat.

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can you share how to do it? i have never used node red.
i prefer to have it all on the hub and not mix home assistant only for these AC's

As with Home Assistant, Node-RED runs on it's own hardware; meaning it will not run on your Hubitat. Like Home Assistant, Node-RED provides a convenient way to integrate devices not directly compatible with Hubitat into the Hubitat ecosystem.

In addition to device integration, @fblackburn has written a set of Hubitat nodes for Node-RED, which make it possible to create all automations using Node-RED's graphical interface instead of the tools built-into Hubitat.

I too wanted to stay with one hub and avoid the need for more integrations. But…. I ended up with an install of node red on a Raspberry PI.
This is not too bad.
In the beginning I used node red for Tadiran AC units and for my Samsung VRF system.
Later, the community came up with an app to support Samsung appliances using smartthings cloud directly from Hubitat. So now I only use node red for Tadiran.
Actually, I also download local backups directly to my PI using node red.
If you decide to go this way let me know and I’ll try to help.

A lot of us use multiple integrations. (In my case Hubitat, Homekit, Lutron, Hue Bridge) Nothing wrong with it... Sometimes in order for things to work with hubitat, you have to bring it in from somewhere else.

point taken. thanks.
just wanted to go on the "pure" side and minimize the amount of maintenance involved.

Honestly, for me at least there is no maintenance on those other hubs. It's simply set and forget. About the only time I deal with my lutron hub is when adding a device, after that nothing is needed. Same with the Hue bridge, and home kit. the stuff just runs. Hubitat does indeed just run but I'm always doing something in it, at least for automation, updates...maybe just to test a device.

Hubitat is designed to integrate easily with other systems, including Home Assistant. I use a single Home Assistant Yellow to integrate some home-made devices that use MQTT and also run Node-RED. This box has not been updated for at least the last 5 months.

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