Wi-Fi plugs with energy monitoring

Hi Chaps,

I’m looking around for Wi-Fi plugs with energy
monitoring that integrate easily with HE. I know there is the tp-link plugs kicking around.

Can anyone recommend anything that’s easy to track down and not cost me an arm and a leg.


The tp-link one's work great for me. Particularly like the slim one's that allow for other plugs next to them.


Thanks bud - Would you be able to share the model number for the units so I can investigate retailers and cost

The model is KP115. It is showing as unavailable on Amazon (AU), but hopefully you can find one of the local retailers with it in stock.

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I've used the HS110, which works fine as well, but it's bulky and blocks a slot so not as handy as the slim one.

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Yeah, I started with the HS110's and most are still going, only 2-3 are now the slim one's where I wanted the extra space / socket. Given there's no real price difference from what I remember, may as well get the slim one's

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Assuming they are numbered like the US models (which they seem to be), the KP125 is also a power-monitoring WiFi plug that works with @djgutheinz’s Hubitat integration.

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I can't see the 125 on any AUS sites, but still good to provide an international flavour to the options listed... :slight_smile: Sounds like it's the new version of the 115.

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It is over here. Basically the 115 with HomeKit compatibility.

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Anyone tried these cheap ones

Just make sure you do not get the TP-Link Tapo brand. They aren't part of my integration.


I haven't tried them, I assume they are using the Smart Life platform, but I could be wrong.

The Kasa KP115’s are available at Bunnings for $29.


Do the Integrate with HE?

I'm an sonoff S31 fan since they can do mqtt or local control without flashing firmware.(aka no cloud). But there are lots of good choices in this space.

(note the newer S40 do not have local control... boo sonoff - they said only 5% of users used it, so they dropped that support in the new products).

the tp link wifi are integrated in HE? I can't find any information about it!

See here:

And this includes local control

Sounds exactly like you're talking about Shelly!

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Why not do the Sengled Zigbee ones. Work very very well

I don’t think these come in an Australian plug ?? :thinking:

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