Why use pushover?

Serious question here. Help me understand. I have the hubitat app on my phone and my wife's phone. I haven't found any challenges using the push notifications, really straightforward, and haven't had any delivery issues.

Why use pushover? It is another app i have to make sure my wife doesnt delete. :slight_smile: What is the extra value you pushover users have found that makes it worth it? What am i missing?

I use it because I generate notifications from many different apps/platforms through pushover. So all my notifications from multi-platforms are in one place.

And also, I dont use the hubitat app at all - have zero use for it.


ok that makes sense. for you, that allows you to reduce the number of apps. So value is for those not using the hubitat app and/or those that want to deliver notifications from other systems. Out of curiosity if you are willing to share, what else generates push for you?

Too long to list everything, but.... 3d printer status (via octoprint), a zillion things in node-red, network monitoring scripts, etc, etc.

Worth mentioning that Pushover integration predates the Hubitat app. Many of us use it because we have used it longer than the app being available. It also has the availability to set different priority of messages which in turn can have different sounds. Think water leak vs door opening.


Those both make sense, thank you.

Also setting the alert to High Priority bypasses quite hour settings so you still get notifications for certain events that you set such as water detected, alarm, etc...


Good point. I do rely on that feature for things like leak alerts that need immediate attention even in the middle of the night and I want to alert until acknowledged.

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I like it because I can have one account for many devices. I use for all of the family phones, my laptop and 3 android tv devices.

For me the built in notifier never quite worked correctly for me and I don't think support ever could figure it out. I find pushover just works. I also find it more flexible. I would say if the built in notifier is working for you and you don't have any other needs, then just stick with that.

Is it possible to route other app notifications through Pushover, like ESPN or Gmail?

I don't think pushover natively supports gmail, but you might be able to do it via IFTTT.

What are you trying to do exactly? Because Tasker and Autonotification can do A LOT and it might be a solution for you. If you want to control a device in HE from an ESPN or Gmail notification you can do that. Check out the post I just made about actionable notifications.


Like some others, I setup pushover for notifications before the Hubitat mobile app existed.

However, I continue to use it for notifications that I would never want to ignore, so I assign different sounds to high priority alerts.

I also use Hubitat’s mobile app push notifications for more run of the mill stuff.

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Here's a list of integrated apps: Pushover: Applications and Plugins

You also get an API key for use with their server side interface, so there's the ability to roll your own stuff, or use it with anything that will enable / allow that use. For example there's a 3rd party app called zapier that claims to allow notification through pushover that new gmail messages are received. (I haven't tried it...)

You can also set up your own pushover email address(s) that forward received emails through to your devices that are configured to receive those pushover notifications. I use this on my Synology NAS to receive Synology system notifications through pushover on my phone. - Synology emails my pushover email address, and pushover sends the notification with email content to my phone.

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And just to put a fine point on it:

Messages sent to pushover's high priority channel can be set to use your phone's ALARM channel rather than the notification channel -- directly bypassing your phone's Do Not Disturb settings, and you can configure the sound... Water leak = loud klaxon even if your phone is set to silent AND it's DND hours.

There's actually even a higher priority mode that pushover uses that lets you force repeat alarms until the alarm is explicitly acknowledged. It doesn't look like Hubitat's pushover driver lists that as an option, [edit: see replies below!] but you could probably work around that using other methods -- such as email to your pushover account -- if you needed confirmation of alert.

The built-in Pushover driver does support Emergency repeating notifications...

If you users want even more functionality, they can use my Pushover driver (which was the original baseline for the now included built-in driver.) It has since been enhanced by the community to support most of the Pushover API features.


Huh... cool. I do see the retry interval on mine, but in the "Default Message Priority" box, I only see Low, Normal, and High, with no Emergency selection. I guess I just assumed that it was Hubitat's implementation of retry, as I think "Emergency" didn't exist when I first set up pushover. I'll have to give it a test. But probably I'm just going to load up your enhanced driver for future use. Thanks for the tip!

I only use pushover for Hubitat, and I do so for 2 reasons;

  1. Easier access to full long notification text. This is useful for some of the alerts I send like "device status" on "away" mode so I know if anything stayed open or if something hasn't checked in for a while.

  2. High Priority notifications on iOS. My alarm is useless if it can't actually notify me when I'm in sleep or silent mode.

I haven't switched over to @ogiewon's more advanced driver yet, but plan to soon.

Seriously love this community. You already answered one of my follow up questions. I am a big DND during sleeptime, and i was thinking iOS would be treating a push notification the same as any other during that time, high priority or not. But the high priority actually trigger an alarm, that is awesome.

thank you all for comments and insights.

Nothing related to HE :slight_smile:
I was just curious if I could route all (or most) app notifications through Pushover to get more control over them. There are certain ones that I want to get during Do Not Disturb, but not others. And I'd love to have a history of all notifications received. On iOS, once you dismiss it, it's gone forever...

And since I'm on iOS, sadly no Tasker.