Why double notifications?

With the lastest firmware , my Schlage zigbee lock BE468GBAK still have duplicate events !

It appears this problem is still there after one year :grinning:. I am running on C7. My lock is Kwikset SmartCode 914 Deadbolt. I use Generic ZigBee lock driver. I set "Only once within this number of minutes" to 5. But it doesn't make any difference.

|dev:17 2021-02-09 01:55:48.292 pm info|Lock garage door was locked|
|dev:17 2021-02-09 01:55:48.292 pm info|Lock garage door was locked by manual|
|dev:17 2021-02-09 01:55:40.661 pm info|Lock garage door was unlocked by manual|
|dev:17 2021-02-09 01:55:40.660 pm info|Lock garage door was unlocked|

I am also getting multiple events and notification from my new Zigbee Connects running C5 on using the generic zigbee lock driver.

I was getting duplicate notifications with my new Ecolink tilt sensor attached to my garage door. I went to the configuration page for the sensor and saw that there is a β€œSuppress duplicate contact events?” setting. Turning this setting on cleared up the problem.

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If I recall correctly, that option was added to those specific built-in drivers by the Hubitat staff. And that the events are fired so fast the only way to intercept them is at the driver level. (My lock is sending up to 4 events in less than 100ms.)

It doesn't appear that the Generic Zigbee Lock built-in driver has been modified to resolve it yet.

I am also having this problem with be468 locks using generic zigbee lock driver. @mike.maxwell any progress with this?

If 4 events are sent within 100 ms, the driver can't catch those.
To catch these in a driver you need 50ms minimum, 75 even better.

I usually see 2 with exactly the same time stamp, and 1 or 2 more between 40 to 85 ms later.

I am getting only 1 notice when using the thumb turn.

Is there a way to poll the settings commands from the lock? Maybe there is a way to disable some setting that causes it respond multiple times to hub interactions?

Zwave reporting for these types of events doesn't work that way, they are not configurable.

Is it the same for zigbee? My zwave connect locks don't do it (one pre-dates zwave plus, the other is maybe 6 months old) . But both of the zigbee ones do (both only a few months old).

What are the possibilities that ACKs are not getting back to the devices?

If the Hub receives the message, but the device doesn't realize it, the device might retry.

Is there a way in the driver to filter out the other messages? This idea is based on the assumption that the lock is sending a single message for each of several types / classes of messages.

Which is to say, not a matter of filtering based on a list of duplicate messages (by checking against the database). Rather if the hub/driver receives message A on channel (or "of type" ) X, Y, & Z, then it simply ignores all type Y and Z and only passes type X.

In my logs, only 1 of the duplicate messages are tagged as "digital". The others have the type column blank.

I came to post this as well. Same lock. Same problem.

Hello, @mike.maxwell

Do you have any updates on this?
I'm experiencing the double events with my Generic Zigbee Lock

I'm not sure what data you need to identify the device but here is the debug output from the configure() command

Not sure about the Zigbee locks, but @bcopeland has been super busy promising some improvements in the upcoming 2.2.9 release for Z-Wave locks.

Maybe he can chime in on this topic now that we're maybe/hopefully getting close to that.


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please switch over to the "Device" device, then click the get info command and post the fingerprint that's sent to the live logs.

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"02", inClusters:"0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0009,0020,0101,0402,0B05,FDBD", outClusters:"000A,0019", model:"SMARTCODE_DEADBOLT_10T", manufacturer:"Kwikset"

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Hey Folks,

Has this been resolved? I am having the same issue. Smartcode 910 Zigbee

And my 914. Both locks installed last night and anytime there is a digital command from HE I get double notifications. @mike.maxwell , Appears a lot of people have or had this issue.

This one is from this morning...