Why does Hubitat keeps loosing hub time?

For some reason hub keeps loosing its time.


That time keeps changing and its annoying. Throws all my time based automations off.

I have to tap "update time from browser time" everyday!

How do I fix a time and never had it auto update to wrong values?

Thanks all

Do you have the hub blocked from going to the internet? You might wanna install rebooter from HPM. I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) It does hit an ntp server on boot..So rebooting it lets say at 2 am would probably help. You can also look here


While rebooting every day might solve the time problem, it seems that a device like HE should be able to keep time as well as, say, a $9.99 wristwatch. If not, that seems to be a flaw that needs to be addressed in, say, a C-8.

It was simply a suggestion. I've not lost time on mine which leads me to believe there is some inbuilt ntp going on. If the device is blocked outbound then that may be the cause for time drifting. Oh and show me a bios that keeps time like a 9.99 wristwatch... Bios time is the worst...


Fair points.

According to this from January, Hubitat does time updates every night.

Do you block Hubitat from internet access? If so, the NTP driver already mentioned works great.

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Yeah, I felt like there are some old threads I saw recently for issues / request people raised about local NTP servers 2-3 years ago? I was only new so it wasn't on my radar at the time...

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I use this driver from @dan.t and an NTP server on my LAN ....


Looks like we need to give another nudge to the request for non-web reliant solution to this.... Unless something has changed since.... Highly likely given we are essentially 5 releases on from this post...

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how come I need to do a patch up to get this working for hubitat? It should just work as it is out of the box. Future with hubitat is not looking good for myself.

You should not need to add a workaround for the hub to maintain its time correctly, unless something has blocked the hub from accessing the internet. I have three hubs that all maintain time without any issues whatsoever.

Where are you located? Is there any chance that your ISP is blocking Hubitat's access to NTP time servers? Do you have a firewall that might be blocking the hub's access out in the internet? Most of the time, issues like this are related to the end-user's network/ISP configuration, not a design issue with the hub.


Consistent atomic time, from my very rudimentary understanding is as much a problem for scientists as it is for engineers, so I think we should cut the software industry some slack....

If time is a deciding factor then I would question the strength of HE's benefits for your HA setup if it could become such a deciding factor in shifting to another platform, for the sake of applying a minor upgrade or including an additional service to provide a more accurate time.


I'd suggest following up on @ogiewon 's more pragmatic and practical advice than my philosophical rant...


You shouldn't/don't.

It does, for pretty much everyone.

If it is not, then something abnormal is going on... No internet connectivity, abnormal hub loading, malfunctioning hardware, other.


Perhaps another way to phrase it is, the future looks bright in that you have both Community members happy to help you resolve any issues they can and a close involvement from HE staff in the same discourse here on the Community. If there are not enough users affected to make a compelling commercial case for HE staff to spend time on a solution, you always have the Community to back you up.

I'm conscious of how it can appear when 2-3 of us respond in quick succession to a post. I wouldn't want you to feel bombarded by our emphatic responses, it is only that we feel like we have a solution to your problem...

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Hub software does a time check upon every boot and overnight. Default time server used is time.google.com, but that can be overridden to use a local NTP service (i.e., router that supports it).

I checked the logs, when the times were different they were different by exactly 10 hours. That's too precise and repeatable to be a coincidence. Were there time zone changes or anything else happening?


It does seem a convenient time given our time zone....

How does one do that override? I have a local NTP provider that I currently access manually, by rule, on a regular basis; it'd be great if that could be automated with a built-in configuration change.

I'm not 100% sure but I'd guess that HE uses a software clock rather than a hardware clock and relies on regular time server updates rather than adding hardware to keep accurate time.


Yep, same time as me, here down under.... Not EDT....


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