Hub time drift

Has anyone noticed their hub's losing time the longer its been up?

My hub(s) have been running a little over a month without rebooting and i've noticed both of them have lost time, one about 33 and the other 23 seconds. It's not an end of the world problem but happened to notice device triggers not matching with security camera footage.

Full disclosure. I run my own NTP on an ASUS router because my ISP limits calls to time. This setup is working and all my clients, including IP cameras update accordingly. I don't think that is the problem but wanted to put it out there.

Why not run @dan.t’s NTP client (device) on your HE, and use RM to periodically synchronize time against your NTP server?

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Didn't know it existed because I didn't realize the hub was having a time issue until now. Thank you for the tip. I will look into that.

You don't even need RM. The NTP driver will periodically sync all on its own. :+1:

I've been using that for months on my hubs, works great.


Thanks! I was running a much older version in which the smallest "minimum time difference" was 3 minutes. So I was using automations that ran once a day to keep time synchronized.

Just updated and see that it can correct for drifts as small as 0.5 seconds now.

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Thanks everyone. Installed the driver. Easy peasy.


It would be nice if NTP client support were built in to the base platform, but realistically it probably isn't worth their time since @dan.t did such a great job with his driver.


I do remember back a year or so when I first got a hub that it was constantly bombarding NTP for time updates which lead to the discovery my ISP was actively blocking NTP and the hub just kept pounding away making attempts every second or so.

Seems to be all that's needed is a simple cron, but as long I can sync the time, i'm okay.

It is exposed as an endpoint. I forgot about this ....

Yeah, I know about those - and did that on my dev hub.

Seems to work, but the "problem" with that path is that you have no idea how it is used.

What is the update frequency? What is the min delta? I don't think NTP updates are logged anywhere as system events (could be remembering that wrong, though).

But you're right - I should have linked to that for completeness sake.

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It's twice a week in 2.2.4, will be nightly in upcoming 2.2.5.

5 seconds.

They are not.


I think they should be. How do I know ntp is working otherwise?


Or at a minimum, have a log for ERRORS when the hub was not able to sync to the NTP server.