Where is regular login, find my hub?

New format asking to set up new hubs?
What is this, why is it changed?
Why do I feel like my hub info could get lost in this new process. Am I the only one trying to login and experienced this new format as unexpected and scary honestly. I have three hubs and its asking which new hub do you want to set up?....Actually none thank you.
Am I missing something here?

Are you looking for findmyhub.hubitat.com? (The documentation should have been recently updated to reflect this change.)

This was previously at find.hubitat.com but was recently changed because the whole Getting Started process changed and really needs brand-new users to go to getstarted.hubitat.com instead, while most in-box documentation points to find.hubitat.com, and so this is probably less confusing for them. (I'm not sure if this will change back after new hubs, I assume, eventually start shipping with the updated URL.)

That being said, even if you use getstarted.hubitat.com (or find.hubitat.com and get directed there), it should still work after the step 3 or so when the hubs are discovered--just click/tap the right one. You won't be stepped through the setup wizard again if it's already set up, just brought to the homepage (Main Menu) of that hub as before. :smiley:

Also, if you use a DHCP reservation (or static IP, though I don't like that idea as much, personally), you may have an easier time getting to your hub in the future without needing to "find" it at all. The mDNS name hubitat.local may also work. Just a couple thoughts!

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Why doesn't the first page of find.hubitat,com simply have something written on it in brackets saying "If you have already set up your hub go to findmyhub.hubitat.com" to save established users having a panic.


In case you missed it, the change was part of an effort to streamline the process of getting started for new users: