What is the difference between C5 & C7

On the fence, my C5 runs great, what would be a reason to upgrade and spend $$$ to go to the C7 model?

Mostly just the new z-wave 700 series chip in the C7, I suppose?

Excuse the ignorance on this, but what does the new z-radio chip offer me? Can it go 200 meters?

It does have a longer range than the 500 series chip in the C5 and also supports S2 security which is much faster and more secure than S0. Also, once z-wave long range devices come out, we are able to software upgrade them to support it.

In open air, yes. Aeotec has a nice comparison of 300, 500, and 700 series z-wave radios on this page:

There is also an external antenna mod that several people have done on their C-5 and C-7 hubs that increases range. Note that this mod voids your warranty. See this thread for details:

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  1. S2 Security pairing, if that's important to you.

  2. The ability to run Tony Fleisher's (@tony.fleisher's) excellent Z-Wave Mesh Details Tool. It's worth the upgrade.

On the downside, there are some devices that are problematic on the C-7. Check the Compatible Devices list. And pairing can sometimes be a bit quirky with the C-7 (but it's much better than it was at introduction).

Is there any inventory of C5s that can be purchased ?

There are a few on eBay right now.

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