What are your most used or favorite apps?

What are your favorite apps for the hubitat? I just set up all my modes with mode manager and now I am hungry for more.

Also, would be nice if the "Install New Built-In App" could be sorted by popularity.

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Tons of great apps but I have to give the prize to HPM.



Basic Rules when the automation logic is simple, Rule Machine when it isn’t.

This, AFAIK, is not possible. Hubitat staff don’t keep track of this (if they even have the capability to).


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Thank you, installing and configuring now!

@brad5 What community apps from HPM do you like?

Fan of Echo Speaks, CoCoHue, Device Watchdog, Hubigraphs (depreciated though), Hubitat ZWave Mesh details, Reliable Locks, Auto Lock, Presence Plus, Hub Info, Advanced vThermostat, Hubitat Ping and Presence Ping.

Device-specific limited audience integrations: Roku, Envisalink, Ecowitt, Ikea blinds, Litter-robot, Sleep Number.


Been playing with lots of notifications. They can be displayed on your dash and can include whatever emojis and art that your devices keyboard has


yourhubip>>apps>add built in apps

  1. Hubitat Android Dashboard App
  2. Echo Speaks
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What are some "notification devices" I can add to receive notifications?

HPM and Bundle Manager for installing new apps

Amazon Echo Skill
Echo Speaks
Error Monitor
Simple Multi-Tile
Preference Manager

To answer your question to another user, I use Notifications for things that could be simple rules and all I want to do is send a notification.
Was the garage door left open?
Are any of my leak sensors detecting a leak?
Is my freezer too warm?

For rules, I've used Basic, Simple Automation and Rule Machine. For the sake of keeping everything organized, I've moved most to Rule Machine. With the exception of lighting. I use the Room Lighting app for that.

To what exactly? How do you receive it?

Also if you will be using dashboards 'Message Rotator Tile Device' by thebearmay is great. Create a virtual device and apply that driver to it. From then on you can set any rule where you want a notification on the dash, to send a message to that device for it to display in the tile. Where you have multiple notifications, it will cycle through them automatically until all are cleared. I have loads of rules that I use to send messages to it - put the bins out, wash cycle complete, dishwasher complete, garage door left open etc, etc. Here is the thread that starts with my brain fart!

Where/how do you display these? Android phone/tablet mounted to wall?

There are several options to receive notifications.

An ios or Android device, using either the Hubitat mobile app's push notifications, or the built-in support for Pushover (which is a separate mobile app that requires a one-time fee that's well worth it). There is also support for Twilio, which uses SMS, and that requires $ based on how much you use it.

There are a few ways to get text-to-speech notifications on a smart speaker in your home. The built-in sonos integration is one. And there are community integrations for Alexa or Google Assistant.

Both. I have four Amazon Fires wall mounted around the house. I'm running SharpTools dashboard on those and I also use Joe Pages 'Hubitat Dashboard' which you can download for free. I have buttons for certain rules on the dashboards - Goodnight, Good Morning etc, control of various devices and also use it to view the status of door locks etc.

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Do you know the name of the one for Google Assistant on HPM?

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