Wemo switch and insight smart plug


No I did not because I have a lot of rules set up each of with them. Do you want me to try this approach?


Hmmm...no, not yet. I think I see an issue with the address updating code. Let me take a look at that...


Yes, just looked at that; updating code at line 684 and 694; I made the change and will update you asap.

Update1: I changed the if statement lines but it doesn't look like that entire method gets called at anytime so far (had been watching for about 10mins)...not showing up anywhere in Logs when I try to find "childSync: Updating".

Update2: I put in a log trace line in handleSsdpEvent(evt) to figure out why updateChildAddress was not being called. It looks like device.ip and device.port are reporting to be always the same as parsedEvent.ip and parsedEvent.port even though some of the ports for some devices have actually changed! QUESTION: I'm wondering if the device and the parsed message are actually the same? Could the device and evt parsed message be off by one so that means one device's port is being compared w/ another devices response?


I pushed an updated version of the Connect app with several improvements:

  • Discovery requests are emitted more regularly during app setup/config
  • Device verification (where the 'friendly' device name is determined) happens immediately as new devices are discovered
  • Improved change detection for device IP addresses. Previously changes were only detected for devices discovered during an app setup/config session. Now a change from an installed device's IP will also be detected.
  • The setup page now shows the device IP along with the MAC in the selection dropdown

Give that a try.


Yeah, that was a logical error. It essentially meant that a change to a discovered device IP during a single app setup/config session would be detected, but that's not terribly useful.



Just waited a little while to see if the nuisance WEMO's would correct itself and it did!


Where should I send the keg to?

Update1: Just fyi that there are new WARN messages (not affecting anything as I can tell):


Possibly that's happening because device initialization (when you hit 'Done') looks for selected devices in the list of just-discovered devices rather than the combined list of discovered and already-installed devices, and one or more of the selected devices hadn't shown up in the current discovery session.

I pushed an update to the Connect app so that initialization considers installed devices as well as just-discovered devices.


Maximum awesomeness! Thank you, @jason0x43!


Glad to hear it's working!


jason0x43 thank you for all your hard work. I'm new to Hubitat. I installed WeMo Connect and all the drivers. It does look like it is discovering some of the devices but is not installing them nor do I see them on the app. I know it must be something I'm doing wrong. Also I was really hoping it work with my Raspberry Pi 3 Wemo Emulator (Echo sees it). Wemo Connect does not. It is a python 3 program fauxmo. This is what I receiving on the WeMo connect log.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hi @steven1!

From your logs, the app definitely appears to be seeing your devices. Over time, they should be showing up in the dropdown in the Connect app:

Assuming they eventually did show up, you'd check the devices you want in the dropdown, then click 'Done', and the app should create your devices. If that doesn't work for

Note that if you close the Connect app and reopen it, discovery will start over, and any previously discovered but uninstalled devices won't be in the list.

While it looks like devices are being found, there is some weirdness in the logs. It kind of looks like there may be multiple copies of the app running. For example, at 7:15:01.111 there's a request for the setup.xml from one of your devices, and then again at 7:15:01.119 there's a request to the same device. There shouldn't normally be multiple requests going out to the same device so quickly.

Regarding the Raspberry Pi 3, it should be able to work (I think). At a guess, the Connect app may not be sending discovery requests for whatever device type fauxmo is emulating. The Connect app currently tries to discovery devices of the following types (SSDP terms):


Do you happen to know what device type your Pi is trying to emulate?