Welcoming Wink refugees?

Reading through the www.reddit.com/r/winkhub Reddit, there is much love for the new Hubitat sale and talk of switching to Hubitat.

The wink hub is a system with a lot of radios including Kidde and clear connect. Would there be some way for wink users to connect their old hubs to Hubitat to use these radios and not need additional hardware (pro bridge, etc)? Similar to the smartthings hub connection?

As a user like yourself, I'd say mostly no.. certainly not with enough speed to help with making the choice easier.

  1. Kidde. Only Hub I know that has Kidde is Wink. It's 433 mhz like Lutron's Clear Connect.

  2. Lutron Clear Connect. Lutron permitted two Manufacturers to integrate their product, Staples Connect ( manufactured by D-Link) and Wink. Huge success it was not. Hubitat said they conversed with Lutron, and got a no. Therefore the only option in 2019 to get Lutron's Clear Connect, is via Lutron's SmartBridge PRO.

Hubitat's Lutron Integration is superior in every way, as far as I can tell. Staples Connect got it 90% right, Wink 1 got it 2% right, Wink 2 got it 30% right, Hubitat seems 99.9% right, my personal opinion.

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Wink doesn't have a documented local control/access API. And in the last six months, their cloud has proven pretty unreliable .....

I would agree. I’m in the middle of converting from Wink 2 and Stringify to HE. The Wink 2 hub was great. The radios for Zigbee and Z-Wave were very strong BUT as I thought about keeping both hubs and trying to tie them together, Wink’s cloud now has issues every week.

I agree also. I just switched from wink hub 1. I was seeing a lot of outages and wanted to get the wink hub 2 that had more local control. Only problem was its been out of stock for about 6 months. Doesn't really instill me with confidence in their longevity.
I did have to purchase two hubs - Hubitat and the Lutron Pro (make sure you get the Pro if you do this) so it was a hit to the wallet, but the final product just feels more solid. I can use the pico remotes for more then just Lutron lights and everything happens so quickly now.

To Lutron as well. HE can do things with Caséta that isn't allowed if you just had Lutron gear.

i have made the switch from Wink2. I loved my WINK like nobody's business but it was time to move on. I really liked the HOME SERVICES feature of the wink2. It would randomly turn on lights while I was away to make it seem like we were home. I see nothing simliar to this in hubitat without major complexity. Am I wrong? Anybody using the Mode Manager? I cant see to get it to go DAY, EVENING, NIGHT as I would like, different issue.

There is at least one community based app that does this. There may be more.

Apparently Smartthings Vacation Lighting Director works too.

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Thanks!!!! I just downloaded the At Home Simulator and get it installed but setting it up - I struggle. Vacation Lighting Director looks to have potential with ease of use. THANK YOU!

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