Webcore wont work

After some years with ST+webcore it was time for me to switch hub to Hubitat.
Got it installed last week and moved all things and lights from ST to Hubitat. Today it was time to install webcore.
Followed this guide:

After that i tested a simple piston, If lamp 1 turns ON, Turn on Lamp 2. But it dont work. The pistons wont turn on/work.
Tested some other simple piston but it wont work.
My friend also got he´s Hubitat hub some weeks ago and got webcore up and running.
He helped me uninstall webcore and reinstall the way he did, but still dont works for me.

Tested rebooting, reinstalling, check settings but cant find why it wont work...

It would be good to share some logs of what is or is not happening.

You might try removing the physically part, as that presumes the device correctly reports this, and start with simple changes

Again full logs in webcore are your friend to see what is happening, and if trying to report a bug.

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I agree, get rid of the physically part. Those never worked well for me, and it's doable to build logic in the piston to see if it was piston activated or manually activated.

Make sure the piston is running and not paused.

Try a sample piston that just turns on or toggles a lamp when the URL is clicked and run it manually. No inputs, just manually running it and see if it works. But if I had to guess, its the physically feature that is causing your issue here.

Otherwise, try using different devices in a different piston and see if it is something device related or not. Shouldn't be, but again your Webcore doesn't seem to be working when it should, so it could be anything.

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