WebCore timer issues (only HE - works in SmartThings)


I've run into a weird issue where setting up timers in WebCore FIRE at the scheduled time, but don't execute any of the tasks. See the full explanation here: https://community.webcore.co/t/every-statement-not-executing-commands/19728/15

HOWEVER, someone there helped me discover that the issue is only with pistons created in the Hubitat version of WebCore. If they're created in a SmartThings version of WebCore and the imported into Hubitat's, they work. I've found the same thing.

Anyone know if this is a bug? And if so, who I contact to make aware?

I don't know the answer to your question but having JUST transitioned from smartthings webcore to HE webcore, I have noticed multiple differences in the versions so what you're reporting definitely isn't impossible. I too would like to know whom to report these types of bugs.

You should consider posting this in the main webcore thread, linked below:

In the meanwhile, tagging @nh.schottfam


Are you on the latest version? If you are, try the 20210203 and see if it works on that version.

Forgive my ignorance (still fairly new to HE) - Are you referring to the Hubitat firmware or Webcore? And assuming I am on the latest, how do I revert to an older version?

There is a new version of webcore today - please try that.

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