Web page hosting

Im after setting something like a kindle fire up running fully kiosk browser. Need advice on how to set up and host a web page, nothing fancy just google schedule and google keep notes.

I dont have, or really want a pc or pie running 24

Can you elaborate a bit? Are you thinking of hosting your own webpage? Or are you mainly interested in accessing a webpage hosted by someone else? Google apps like calendar and keep are running on google’s servers, you just need internet access from any web browser.

My own page just to bring those two items together and mabey dashboard or link to it

Local access only needed

So like a locally hosted webpage that shows a couple google web apps within it?

You need to have a server running to serve your own webpage is one thing to sort out first, I think.

Google Calendar and Google Keep both have widgets. You could just place both widgets on a blank homescreen.

Otherwise, I haven't tested it with my phone or tablet, but I'd guess a regular ol' .html file on the tablet's local file system would work. Just point the browser's homepage to the local file.

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Hubitat could potentially be used to host - either using a custom driver exposing attributes with iframe embedding of the desired sites, or a custom html file with the same iframes in the local storage

This seems like a good starting point:


I only need one page so i gusee i could try making something up and saving it local. I think word can make html files

Word can... but so can Notepad and every text editor there is. HTML is really not that bad, here is an EXTREMELY simple example.

<title>This is my local webpage</title>
Hi! You have reached my local webpage.</br>

Saved as some file name .html or .htm.


If you are using an Amazon pad, check out [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app. You can add a web address to that.

if your doing something small and light just run it off your pc .. otherwise id setup a dedicated pc/server


thanks for that, got it working, but for some reason i can get the calendar up in an iframe but cant gt google keep to work

I have an html webpage running from my hub. It just displays a text file comprising a custom log of a rule output.

I do not use it myself (not really at least) so I am not sure... but I did find this site and the process did not look too bad:

I see your close to getting this to work, but thought I'd put my own set of notes together, if only for anyone else who may still have any issues.

Like others have mentioned, storing and accessing local html files is certainly possible from the local storage on the HE hub, I have used this quite a bit recently with my Status Avatar, Simple CSS Editor and Image Cycle drivers. All use html files with a healthy dose of javascript / JQuery and accessing json files also stored on the hub. These are typically displayed using an iFrame, typically as an attribute in a driver I have written, plagiarising the iFrameAdvanced driver linked earlier.

To store and access the HTML file:

  • Open up the Local File Storage area on the HE web UI ( http : // [Hub-IP ] /hub/fileManager )
  • Upload your html file
  • Refresh the page, right-click the file and copy the address
  • Open a browser, accessing the URL copied above, e.g. http : // [ Hub-IP] /local/HECalendar.html
  • (Optional) Get increasingly frustrated by the sometimes cryptic errors that can occur as you try to get more advanced, put it down for a few days and then solve your problem in half an hour :slight_smile:

If you want to simply display this html file when you click something on your dashboard, you can use the iFrameAdvanced driver, optionally adding some CSS styling as needed.

In terms of what you are wanting to embed @mark.cockcroft , there is some code you can copy from the Google Calendar web site (which I'm assuming is what you have got to work), or you could look at Bryan's driver:

As far as the issues you are having with keep, I'm not sure, might need some more info.

calendar is ok its just keep now

I use DAKboard as a general dashboard for calendar/weather/simple news feed.

In my garage I have a Raspberry PI3 that launches the web browser in kiosk mode, and then has a plugin that cycles between DAKboard, some solar inverter pages, and (of course) the Hubitat dashboards and log pages.

Certainly a viable option for many, but not what the op is looking for, he wanted to avoid the use of an additional "computer".

That's fair, and probably glossed over a bit in my reply.

I think what I am doing could work with a Kindle Fire or any other web browser capable device (instead of a RasPi), no need for another computer. The DAKboard, or even just going to Google Calendar, would just be webpages hosted externally. Not local to the Hubitat, but possibly easier to setup.

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