Weatherflow Tempest

Probably be a useful way to get "instant they occur" weather broadcasts from a WeatherFlow device and a backup if there is issues with their API. You could also redirect the messages to the HTTP port that Hubitat does listen to and have them processed by a driver (if there is demand for that it could be tied to the Tempest one I have made I think).

That is how the Ecowitt portion of my AmbientEcowitt works in any case. @christi999 set up the basics there.

Yup, just 2 different ways to do it. Unless the API yields info not in the UDP broadcasts this time (it did not w/v1.0), I think the UDP is a superior way of getting the data.

The data is broadcast via UDP (1x/min for most updates, 1x/3s for rapid wind) whether you like it or not, so it is"free" - zero load on the weatherflow hub, 100% local, 100% secure/read-only.

And at 1x/min updates, I can't see a real need for on-demand polling of the data via the API.

They indicated that the API offers more information over what the UDP provides. I told them that there are users that prefer to keep everything local if possible AND as a fallback to the API being unavailable (even for reasons outside their control). Ambient's problems lately would be a good example. Oh well... maybe enough customers will ask for it.

I think that’s the best bet. If they see sufficient demand from customers they might at least consider adjusting their priorities accordingly.

True. Although I would also like to be able to see Hubitat have a way to monitor a particular port and feed anything that arrives there to a specified driver. I think I might toss that over into the Feature Request category once I have it described a little better.

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Well, someone would have to prove that to me. If it does on v1, the "more information" obviously isn't anything I need/want.

I would assume if there is, that it is some of their crowdsourced rain correction data. I'm not that interested in that, as it shows up like a day later - not especially useful for automation use.

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I have now made a WeatherFlow API thread and provided the first release of my WeatherFlow API driver.


:grinning: :clap: :clap: :clap:



Just make sure you mount it first, and then enjoy one of the adult beverages in the background of that pic :woozy_face:.


Fairly simple box for something with such a ferocious product name.

After noticing the adult beverages... is it just me or is there an open packaging to the left with a medical-style + symbol on it? Hopefully that is not considered necessary for mounting it. :grin:

Finally got mine. The little thing works!... Well! Now off to "plug it in" to HE.

Where and how is everyone placing theirs? My foolish self bought "pro" and now have to wait until like October :man_facepalming: Living vicariously, show me some love! :laughing:

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I’ve got mine on a 10ft mast attached to the fence. Loving it so far! It seems to have issue picking up light rain, but other than that no issues.


You know at first I thought you had somehow placed it up at the top of the tree!
Since it dominates the picture. :slight_smile:

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My gen 1 weatherflow sometimes misses mist/very light rain too. Not a big deal to me, though.

Grabbed the post hole digger (I'm on my second heart and getting to old for that ■■■■ tho... whew!) and now mine is 10' above my front yard on a steel tube. Hoping to find a way to keep the damn birds off of it and faking it into indicating there's a sudden downpour. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Just entered Shipping info the the finished kickstarter. Already have a Netatmo system (with rain and wind sensors) it'll be interesting to compare the data from the systems.

There is a street light right in front of our house, I have a very tall ladder, tempted to strap it to the street light...

I just published a new driver for the Tempest. Enjoy!


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