Weatherflow Tempest is 20% off

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Got one late last spring and really love it! It just works, and works so well!


About the same time I got mine. Yeah - its a terrific weather station that can be integrated locally with Hubitat if you also have an RPi or equivalent.


Oh? I didn’t know that! Lol. Probably not something that I will look into in the short term as I have too many other projects on the go, but maybe for the future!


How would you compare it to Ecowitt's products that are similar?

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If the Wittboy was available when I bought my Tempest, I would have bought the Wittboy. It’s also easier to get it working with Hubitat.

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Can't compare with Ecowitt but one advantage over Netatmo for example, the Tempest support is stellar and the station is actually cheaper if you take in consideration the Netatmo add-ons you need to come closer to what Tempest has to offer.


I'd be interested in hearing more about the RPi to Hubitat integration :grin:. I have a second property located in a micro climate area that always seems to be doing the opposite of what the local forecast is reporting which really screws with my Rachio's Weather Intelligence. I bought one in September to integrate with my Rachio. It's a pretty amazing device when you consider the number of sensors and capabilities given it's relatively small form factor.

There are multiple drivers here on Hubitat, one that makes a API call to the cloud services, another that uses the websocket interface, and then a couple that uses the local UDP broadcast to to WeeWx and then WeeWx pushes the updates to Hubitat

The API Driver:

The WebSocket

The WeeWx:

This thing ironically just popped up in my FB feed. Looked interesting until I saw the cost.

I'll stick with paying for Carrot ... I like the snark.

I'm currently using the WeatherFlow API driver and it works fine for basic stuff. But what I'm looking to do is track the daily rainfall in a database and adjust my watering schedule if there have been Rachio Weather Intelligence schedule skips because of predicted rainfall that didn't occur. Basically, a weekly true up if the temps have been high and the lawn has seen less than 1.5 inches of water for the week.

I am wondering if you can capture the rain in a hub variable that you can update with Rule Machine and if below (x) trigger the irrigation. And then reset the variable weekly?

Looking at the current attributes there is the PrecipAccumLocalDay:


Say sometime around midnight you add that value to a hub variable and say on your targeted day to water if you are below a threshold turn on the sprinklers. Then reset the variable weekly.

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Good idea and one that had occurred to me as well but I also need to determine whether or not any of my Rachio's scheduled watering days were skipped and factor that into the mix. I'm still thinking about the best way to do all of this. Rule Machine is certainly an option but I see this getting unruly pretty fast.

Curious what would have drawn you to the Wittboy?

I have a lot of other sensors from ecowitt and they perform well. So the Wittboy would have integrated well with that. Also, with the Wittboy, I wouldn't need to import data into Hubitat via an intermediate like a RPi.


Promo has expired. Closing the thread.

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