Wall Panel App for Android

I have found a new app on the play store that I really like so far for displaying a dashboard on my wall-mounted tablet. It's called, intuitively enough, Wall Panel.

Seems to load a lot better on my very old tablets (1st Gen Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3) than Fully Kiosk does. Liking it so far. It works great for Sharptools.


I will test it tomorrow with my fire and Sharptools, mine is very slow... thanks

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This interfaces with HE?

Its really cool. Just played around with it.

It has built in HTTP REST support and you can turn your tablet into a chime (playing any custom mp3 file that you have access to via a url) if you want or even use your tablet for TTS to speak anything you want.

There are a bunch of other things but those two I was most interested in for now.

The only downside to it I see right now is that I can't have something like dakboard setup as the screensaver. I used that on fully so my tablet displayed a picture slideshow when not in use. I wonder if the dev takes requests.

There's a great Android screensaver called NightClock which i use. It allows night mode switching so that it isn't so bright at night. That's what I use for all my wall devices.

It's just a browser-like application for those that choose to mount a tablet or phone to the wall to act as a dashboard.

Do you have a screenshot of your HE Dashboard running on it? Or are you using a different app for your dashboards?

I'm thinking about grabbing a Kindle Fire 7 (on sale for $35) to use for a controller. Figured I'd just flash a basic Android version on to it and be good to go.

I would check on something like on xda-dev. From what I have read, there are issues rooting the Fire 7th gen if they have the latest firmware. Just want to make sure you are aware before investing in one.

I'd recommend keeping the Fire tablets with their stock OS if the goal is to use them for displaying dashboards.

All the tablets I flashed and put Google Play on end up getting really sluggish after running for a few days. Whereas the tablets that were unpackaged, turned on, and then immediately had Fully Kiosk Browser installed (and no other tweaks or sign-ins) run nice and fast. :smiley:


Similarly, I'd recommend at least a Fire HD 8. The bigger Fire tablet devices have better processors and performance. The 7 is maybe fine for basic dashboards, but they start to get sluggish with media tiles or complex dashboards.


No probs rooting the fire hd 8. Didn't even need to open it up.

Didn't need to root for the app anyway. Full Kiosk ran fine once I got the Google Play store installed.

I noticed this with mine. After a few days it just got really bad. I thought it was fully or my screensaver but I'd it's Google Play I'm going to uninstall that now. Might even just do a reset and try too. Thanks for the info.


I didn't see Fully Kiosk in the Amazon App store, which was the biggest / only reason to put Google Play on. Did you uninstall Google Play after putting Kiosk Browser on? Or did you sideload Kiosk Browser?

Download it directly from the Fully Kiosk website. :grinning:They have a version specifically for Fire OS on their site.



Sorry missed this thread! Very cool thanks! Has anyone run straight Kiosk mode? I want to also be able to run the Sonos app.

Update: To answer my own question, yes you can with the Universal Launcher. FKB is really a nice app.

I've been using it on a old galaxy tab 10.1 for a while.. works great on older tablets. But now though with the app controlling fully kiosk with hubitat via API calls, I wonder if wall panel supports too..

Maybe thats my issue with the fires.... i have play installed on all them and have issue with getting slow..

Here is tricky one.
Is there any manual for this app.
After installing it, and linking it to my hubitat, I just received a page full of text representing my devices, but further from this nothing .

What link did you use in Wall Panel? You're supposed to use your dashboard link. Not just your regular link to the UI.

Sorry for late reply.
The link I used is one generated by maker api. Is that one that is correct ?