Wall Panel App for Android

No, you should use the dashboard link generated by the Dashboard app.

Ok, giving it a try in minutes. Will drop info here. Thanks

It worked. But older device was not willing to load. I guess I will need to downloado some more web interpreter for that one, but that one is on me.

Older device? You mean an older Android device? Yes, you need to have at least android 6 (i believe) for the dashboards to work correctly. Older versions won't work.

Exactly. The older device is android 4.something and it should work but needs some additional "tweaking", as I have understood.

SharpTools.io is compatible back to Android 4.4.4 (and maybe further back) if you want to give that a try.

If I remember correctly, the built-in Hubitat dashboards require CSS Grid support and will fallback to a legacy rendering mode for older browsers. (Something about falling back to rendering the tiles in the order they were added to your dashboard rather than the way they are positioned in the grid on older devices)

As Ryan alluded to, I don't think Android's built-in browser got support for CSS Grid until Android 5 or 6 and iOS didn't get it until something like iOS 10.3.