WallPanel Driver

Wall panel is android app for smart dashboard is free and work really well with SharpTool or Hubitat dashboard, this driver with a combination of an MQTT broker will allow 2 way communication with the android tablet, capable of receive sensor information transmitted from the tablet (motion and face detection, light, magnetic field, pressure, humidity) if your table have the sensors build in of course, for motion and face detection the table will use the camera, this driver also allow control some of function of the table and will send Google Text-to-Speech command that will be audible on the table speakers, wake screen, pop up message and url to be view on the table screen (like you could send front door camera feed if the doorbell ring on rule machine
I'm still working on this any feedback will be considered
app link: http://thanksmister.com/wallpanel-android/
driver: GitHub - martinezmp3/WallPanel-Hubtat-Driver


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