Vote for Shelly UNI

TBH Scott this is probably enough for me
I might add the binary inputs in case I want to use a couple of button but that will probably be about it.
I've actually enjoyed doing it.
BUT.. I could not have done it without reference to your shelly1 driver hence this notation in the driver header..


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Unfortunately, that's where I had to get mine from :slight_smile:
(But it IS a bit closer to me )

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It's spelled Grayban.... :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured that... getting anything from the EU is just not worth the money for me because I usually write the driver and the device ends up in my --> not a clue what to use it for -- box.

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OOps.. Sorry Scott
I'll get that changed :slight_smile:

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Apart from the Motorhome, I'm not sure where I would use it
But it is very useful for that

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I ordered a couple from Bulgaria, too. Because, why not? :wink:

I used it as an opportunity to test an idea with child devices for everything, so that I could re-use more code across different Shelly drivers.

Here's how it looks in my system:

You can install using the "From a URL" option in HPM, here:


It's just like the i3 ... I got the device but I simply cannot see a proper use for it here so I never wrote a complete driver for it. And I have plenty of shelly devices just sitting in boxes I wrote drivers for that I don't use.

I know people want drivers for every Shelly devices but that isn't going to be possible.... some are EU only which I can't obviously support and not sold in the US Shelly store and I had to beg for months if not a year just to write a couple for the Propane/Natural Gas sensors which currently is only made for the EU still.

I have a lot of issues with Shelly that I am not going to post here but for me, as it is, I am not going to beg for devices anymore. To put it bluntly.... you guys want a driver for a EU device then buy it and send it to me.

But it looks like the UNI is already well supported here thanks to @Cobra and @tomw !

@Cobra where is your driver at on the website?


I didn't think I'd get here when I created the topic :slight_smile:
But now I am happy :partying_face:
I've been using the Driver of @tomw for a few days only with I/O but I'm very happy.


I was actually trying to go the opposite way.. I wanted to retain everything as a single driver
The only thing I would use as a child would be the relay outputs.
Currently I don't even need to do this as I only use these with an app I wrote for the Motorhome.


How do you do the inputs? I did them as switches, too. Maybe it could be a numbered button.

Anyway, I agree with @Evilborg that I don't know what I'll do with the device after I'm done playing with it. But I had wanted to try this driver structure with child devices as an experiment, and the Uni fit the bill.
My other Shelly drivers are one big blob for all functionality, like you described.

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I haven't done them yet - perhaps later today I can get to it
I have added the momentary function to the relays as I might have a use for that

Cool. I left out a bunch of the misc. functionality. But if anyone wants to use my version of the driver and sees something missing, just let me know. One I already know about: I don't specify the limits for ADC over/under values to generate an action on the URL, so they are just set to the default 0V value. I don't know what that will do in practice since I haven't hooked it up to a real signal yet. I could guess that it will either report more often than desired or not at all.

Can't find it....

Scott, it's a real hacked version of your switch driver which just shows adcvoltage
Drivers -> Unsupported Drivers

I haven't posted the new one yet - still working on it

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LOL you aren't kidding !! You must have spent some time adding // to all those lines!

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I just wanted to get something working for my adc voltage
I have cleaned up and rewrote a lot of it now :slight_smile:
There is not a lot of your code left :slight_smile:

I would think so -- that driver supports many Shelly devices

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Yeah, I just needed to grab the basic url calls etc.

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@tomw and @Cobra if you guys will/can post your drivers in this thread that would be helpful on keeping all the drivers under 1 thread. Yes I know they are yours but it simplifies were most people will go....