Vivint CT-200

Posting this here as I try and wrap my mind about what could be going on.

I have three Vivint CT-200s. They're beautiful---I love the aesthetic of them, and I love how reliable they are (since they're z-wave).

I installed two used units in our office that have been operating 100% for an upwards of 9 months.

I then went to buy a used-like-new unit (that may have actually been new) that I installed in our new home. Interestingly, I can't get that one to work with Hubitat. I just can't wrap my mind around it.

The CT-200s at our office/studio are working perfectly with the generic z-wave driver. One of these units was factory reset before installation and it seems functionally identical to its counterpart.

The new device pairs and is displayed in Hubitat. It pairs as an unknown device (as do the other two units) and I simply have to change the driver over to Generic Z-Wave. The home unit, for whatever reason, doesn't work after this. Nothing seems to be communicated with the device. I can neither send nor receive commands.

Does anybody have any thoughts on this? I don't recall anything displaying in the logs, but I won't be able to confirm or deny that until I get home this evening. All 3 of these devices are running on battery power---not a C-Wire.

The device is 100% functional from the stat itself, just not from Hubitat, right?
When you change the driver in HE, do you then press the "Configure" button on the edit device page? You have to do that manually if you change the driver associated with a device.

Correct. You actually inspired me to dig out my SmartThings hub and see if it works with that. Unfortunately, it connects and discovers as a thermostat, but it never communicates events to or from the device.

I’ve attwmpted to configure the device, and I’ve made sure to wake it up before sending, and even right after sending, but it never seems to communicate.

Part of me wonders if Vivint somehow requires the device to pair, configure, and update with their hub before it will work with other hubs.

I've contacted Vivint support today---they've told me the device needs to be connected to a Vivint Panel before it can be connected to other z-wave devices.

Does anyone here have a Vivint panel that would be willing to configure the device for me? :wink:

I'll probably just look around to buy a panel, or buy a used unit that's already been configured.

For anyone who is wondering (and as a general note to staff).

I got the Vivint CT-200 working after pairing it with a Vivint Panel. All I had to do was pair it and unpair it, then re-pair it with Hubitat and change its device type to Generic Z-Wave Thermostat. It works flawlessly, just like the ones at our office. I’m not sure what the Vivint panel did as a handshake, but the thermostat works.

If anyone needs anything Vivint flashed or updated, send me a message and we can work something out.

Yeah, those are nice looking thermostats. It would be interesting to know what the messages the panel is sending to a new thermostat.

I’d be more than happy to send you guys my Vivint Hub and a CT200 for however long you need, if you’d like to poke around :slight_smile:

Interesting... I was thinking of picking up a used CT200 off ebay... Not sure if I should though, as if it hasn't been paired before it sounds like I would be screwed.

@adamkempenich Do you know what kind of panel you got to connect it to? It might be worth getting a CT200 even if I have to get a panel to pair/unpair.

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If you want one—get it :slight_smile: I sent my panel to one of the staffers, so there is also a chance they can figure out what the panel is saying to the thermostat to make it configurable.

The panel I got is a v-mp2-345, although, I think any panel that vivint makes that supports zwave would work.

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I have a number of these throughout my house for radiant floor heating. They also have a humidity and motion sensor built in. What would it take to expand the driver to also recognize these functions? They report motion and humidity, but I'm unable to select them as a motion sensor in any apps.

Not sure what it would take—I'm not sure if the device transmits motion capabilities or not—or if that's just used to power the screen when it detects proximity.

My device runs off of batteries since I don't have a C-Wire in my thermostat range, so I can't test that currently without running a jumper to my thermostat in a few weeks. I'd imagine one could use Mike's Z-Wave Tool to check if it transmits both of those data.

From there, it would have to be integrated into the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver by staff, or a custom driver would need to be spun up. Unfortunately, I don't have time to dig more into this right now—but I can add it to my list.

Mine definitely transmits motion and humidity, they show up with the other "Current States." I might dabble with a custom driver over the weekend.

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Hello, did you ever get those capabilities to work? Looking at an SCT-200 on ebay


I never looked into it, not sure if @nickdwhite did or not.

Hi Nick, have you dabbled lately? That is with the SCT-200 thermostat...


Wait. If they show up in current states, just use a global variable or WATO to transfer those attributes to virtual devices. Humidity is already a usable variable without anything extra. Maybe motion is too, but again, mine run on batteries.

Just got my SCT-200 today for 20.50 + 7USD shipping, under 30 bucks.

It paired staright off, but as "device", changed to generic z-wave thermostat and it is communicating. Now to actually hook it up to my furnace. I think I will test it before, cuz if my wife wakes to a cold house, you'll see me sitting at the curb with a box of disconnected HA gear, waiting for an uber.

Wow! Great deal. And, smart choice :wink:

Adam, Thank you for the suggestion !
In testing it seems to be responding and updating perfectly, and only running on batteries, as I validate reliability for a while.

I wonder if the Jedi drivermeister would consider updating the fingerprint to support this.
What say you @mike.maxwell

Fingerprint is below

I’d tag him here, and the copy/paste the fingerprint over to him in a message :slight_smile:

I’ll see if it matches all three of my fingerprints. I’ve never checked those, since I never expected anyone else to get this thermostat! :joy: