Very frustrated with C8 & Z-wave radio Crash & Lockup

I have been using Hubitat for about 6 years and upgraded to C8 last year upon initial introduction.
For the last 3-4 months I have been experiencing Total Z-wave radio crash and Lockups.
The community has been very helpful and coming to the conclusion that the next Firmware upgrade would solve the problem.
I am currently on and nothing has changed. I was advised to reach out to @bobbyD and @bcopeland with my HUB ID to check the HUB's engineering logs but no responses.
I would greatly appreciate if someone direct me to any solution I may have.

Message bobby again .. he may just missed it or been busy. < has been very good .. for me anyway sofar.

  1. did you check for zwave ghosts ?
    1b. Did you make sure your on the correct region ?
  2. did you check your WIFI and Zigbee channels? ( WIFI chan 1 - zigbee chan 20 power 8 ? )
  3. Is your hub near your WIFI router ? < if yes move it.
  4. are you using WIFI or cable connection to hub ? < cable is best.
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Thank you "Warlock" for your suggestions:
1- No Ghost devices - Correct "Region"
2- I have the same settings - Don't use WiFi - Don't have any issues with Zigbee
3- Router is 10 feet away from HUB
4- Cable connected

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Ok have bobby look at it .. looks like he is here now ..

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I see that you sent me a message on Saturday at 9PM. Usually if you don't get a response from me on the same day, is not because I am ignoring you, but likely because I missed your notification. We get a lot of notifications especially on the weekends, so if you don't hear from us, sending us a reminder to check your hub is probably the quickest way to get a response.

As always, creating a warranty case, or if you are a Hub Protect subscriber, a subscription case is the best way to ensure that someone will follow up with you.

I made a note of your message now, and we will take a look at your hub's engineering logs for clues, in the morning.

I appreciate that @bobbyD . Thank you for your time

Forgot to mention that the Cloud back-up randomly fails as well.

Hi Bobby,

Sorry to jump in mid conversation, my hub did the same thing last night. I have the web interface monitored using zabbix and it dropped at 4:33am, zwave backup is schedule for run at 4:30. I’m nearly sure it’s the same problem. The hub web interface was down this morning but the troubleshooting interface was still available where I rebooted the hub.

Happy to send on any ID’s etc or logs if I can help.


I wonder if you are using the included power brick and usb cable,
or is it being powered some other way?

All original, I don’t change anything with regards to hardware. Thnx

do you have a different power brick ? from a phone ?
best is a 2amp one if you have it .. try a different power supply.

I can try but it’s been working perfectly and the crash happened at the same time the zwave backup was scheduled to run. Do you think it might be power supply ?

yes .. give it a try .. many this has helped .. including myself.

Pretty sure I've read that before, crash after backup. Search the forums

I had a chance too look at your hub's engineering log and the good news is that there is nothing obvious to indicate a hardware issue. However, the not-so-good news is that it appears your hub is having problems with S2 encrypted devices. If you have many S2 devices that don't require secure encryption, your experience may improve by excluding and re-including devices without secure encryption. I also noticed an issue with a custom driver for the GoControl Contact Sensor. While that is not a critical error I would consider fixing the problem.

We have identified a small number of users affected by this issue, likely based on the the mix of devices involved. Our engineers were unable to find a solution, but they are actively working with the vendor to see what can be done to permanently solve this problem. I do not have an a time-frame when this incident will be resolved.

No probs, I mostly use Aeotec devices if that’s any help. I’ve not added any devices for about 3 months and I don’t add many rules (if at all) to the platform over the previous months.

Do you think the c8 pro would help ?

Thank you @bobbyD , I will take a note on those findings. However I have not added new Z-wave devices in the past year

Could those also be culprit for cloud upload failure?