V2 Iris Keypad setup howto needed


Thank you... Hopefully the beta testing is going well... Probably the best part of my IRIS system was the security monitor and it will be nice to get that all going again... I had the cellular backup and everything... I'm looking forward to trying out the newer features in the new Hubitat release...

So I was able to arm the system by the keypad, but could not figure out how to cancel the alarm when I set it off! I made sure all the user codes were in the keypads... What is the sequence to cancel/disarm? Do you hit the code then off or off first? That is the part messing me up... :confused:

I'm hoping the new firmware will allow the set delay on all three modes... :nerd_face:


Keypad docs...


I have found that when I hit "PARTIAL" that the keypad will beep but the "ON" button will light. When I check the HSM though, the correct "Night" setting is set.

Turning it off is a different matter. I have found that I can key in the code and hit "OFF" and the keypad will beep but the "ON" button will still be lit. When that blanks and I activate the motion sensor by waving my hand in front of it, the keypad beeps again and the "OFF" button lights. Hopefully, this will work better with the next update.


There will be some particular functions that won't work as they should until 2.0.7 is released.


Just confirming the IRIS v2 keypad identifies as a Centralite Keypad in the device settings? In the drop down I don't see anything related to IRIS v2 like in the documentation Mike pointed me to... Am I missing the correct driver? Maybe that's my issue?

Also, the documentation indicates disarm = pin code + off... That hasn't been working hence my question about the order... From Dusty's post I was thinking maybe I needed to do off then the code... I can't test it right now as the family is all asleep...


The documentation is in preparation for what's coming. You need to wait for 2.0.7


copy that...:grimacing:


Yes, right now ...[quote="pdupper, post:49, topic:11212"]
IRIS v2 keypad identifies as a Centralite Keypad


Thanks StephenH & DustyD5 for the replies...they helped tremendously...I am beginning to understand it a little more...I see I need to wait for V2.07 before fooling with keypad much more, plus I kept hitting the "DONE" button too on config and wasted a lot of time on it. LOL

I have the NYCE door hinge sensors made for Iris and I did get one to pair as a test as I don't want the "stick on" Iris contact sensors on my doors. I'm slowly getting there with Hubitat...hated it a couple of days ago but I'm getting there!..."Patience Grasshopper, patience."


After several days of trying to get an Iris V2 Keypad to work I was just about to give up.
I finally got a keypad to arm/disarm!

The keypad (#1 ) I had been trying to get to work would pair easily, but never would respond to key codes.
Note that each time this keypad was paired, the light in upper right corner of keypad (the little "iris wave" symbol) would constantly blink after pairing--I had to remove and reinsert batteries to turn off light after pairing.

After several days of frustration, I decided to try another keypad (#2)...reset it and could not get it to pair.

Pulled out another keypad (#3)..it paired easily but I immediately noticed that the light in upper right corner of keypad did NOT continue blinking after pairing.

This keypad responds to key codes and works as it should--it can arm away, home, partial. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any idea why this keypad works and others don't? Does the blinking or not-blinking light after pairing have something to do with success or failure of keypad to respond? All of these keypads were working under Iris so they aren't defective.

Any ideas?


If following the steps in the other post can’t get the keypads paired and unless you’ve got time and energy to burn, I think you’re better off waiting for the next update of HE to sort the niggles out of the keypads.


It seems that the flood of Iris hardware versions and firmware builds has created quite a challenge.


There were some issues with the older firmware versions, some driver updates will be available in platform 2.0.7, best to wait for that update.


Thanks Mike...will do that. Even though I finally got the keypad to arm/disarm, the Utilitech siren wouldn't sound on sensors tripping whereas before keypad wouldn't work, siren would sound. I'm done with security until V2.07.


If you have a Door/Window sensor or make yourself a Virtual Switch, then you can test and configure the Siren you have.
I often try to break a task down into segments like trigger and action, and test to ensure that each part ‘works’ before sticking them together.
Just how I approach things.


In this document the Iris V2 Driver is listed as Iris V2. I do not find that driver, only the Centralite driver


It's only available in platform 2.0.7


My Iris V2 keypad identifies as "Centralite Keypad" and works just fine. It is identified by the manufacturer (Centralite), not the vendor (Lowes).


The iris V2 driver works almost 100%. The only thing missing is the rapid beeps that would play when the arming delay is almost done. Honestly, I can live without it and wouldn't want to waste the community's time trying to fix such a minor thing.

Thanks to the devs who took the time to get they keypad to work the way it is now with 2.0.7.


This is not possible due to the older firmware versions leaving the lights on when activated via keypad, it was intentionally disabled due to this problem.


After updating to 207, I'm working on the security settings again. Many thanks to the folks who got the IRIS keypads working...

Arming with a delay seems to work great. I can get out of the house without issue... Disarming also appears to work with the delay set to allow enough time to get through the door and enter a code into the keypad...

Here is my problem. I enter the house, get to the keypad and enter my code. Everything seems to shutdown as expected... A few seconds later, the alarm goes off, lights flash, I get texts and push notifications, etc. Then after a few more seconds, it all stops and goes back to normal...

Its like the whole system is on a delay. The keypad gets the correct code and itself decides everything is cool and shuts down... The rest of the system doesn't get the message and all the alarm functions trigger.... Then the system catches up with itself and realizes, oops, I made a mistake and shuts everything down...

Am I doing something wrong?