Using webCoRE with Hubitat

You are officially my hero. I've been scratching around trying to get this to work. :clap:

Just for others who may stumble across this do the following.
In webCoRE define 'Pushover' as a Speech Synthesizer.
Select Pushover as your device.
Select Send Device Notification as an action.
Put in what you want to send in the value field.

Thanks again Dan. ( @ogiewon ).


I am using global variables fine. But all of mine are date/time combos. For example, I have a piston that controls my blinds. There are just too many conditions for me to move it over to Rule Machine. And I have another piston that sets the different times that the blinds do things via global date/time variables. They get set every day at sunrise and perform the blind functions at the appropriate times throughout the day.

Thanks for this! I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work!

Send Device Notification didn't work for me but Speak does!

Hey all, I am coming back to this topic after giving up on webCoRe for a while. HAs it stopped causing slowness within HE?

In a word, no. :slight_smile: But it doesn't usually totally lock up the hub like it did before some change was addressed a while back. I'm slowly moving all my pistons to rules and apps, and with only two pistons left my hub is pretty stable--just might take a few minutes after boot. I also go into each piston child app and click "Done," which helps them run faster the first (or every?) time, though that's unrelated to the other issues and is just an ST-vs-HE difference.

The long answer is that it probably depends on how many pistons you have, how complex they are, and how lucky you happen to be.

Yeah I'm afraid the glow is coming off of WebCoRE for me. It has the logic to do the kinds of things I want to do, unlike RE, but it's simply not reliable.

I've about had enough of slow response, or worse WebCore Just dropping some events on the floor. If I leave the house ONE MORE TIME only to find that ONE random light didn't shut off I'm going to tear all this sh*t out and go back to bare bulb in every room with a string to turn it on. I don't particularly think this is an issue with WebCoRE on HE, its an issue with WebCoRE. It's simply not performant enough and requires too many tricks and work arounds to do the sorts of behaviours that are baseline to entry.

The latest port of webCoRE on HE is much more performant, and HE friendly.



I'm curious if anybody is having any succes with webCoRE these days. I finally jumped ship and am running all of my automations out of an appdaemon/home assistant docker-compose setup, talking to hubitat via mqtt.

This has worked remarkably well over the last few months and has the added benefit of being real code, in real source control, written with a real text editor. I could re-create the whole thing on any box that runs docker in 15 minutes. It's faster than webcore too, though I'm guessing it could be faster still minus the mqtt stuff, but it's solid and reliable.

Haven't had any problems since I migrated from ST last November/December for two of my locations. WebCoRE has been solid for my automations ... I occasionally look at the status page, but that's about it.

I haven't updated to the latest WeCoRE-Habitat version, but I'm not in a hurry since everythng is working as expected.

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Working great here for me too, although I have two HE hubs and physical devices are on the hub without webCoRE. No idea if that helps or not, but I guess it doesnt hurt :wink:


Anyone have a working example of an incoming external endpoint using the '$args' variable? I have not been able to set it using a URL Encode or parse it when using a JSON in a POST request. I used this several times on the ST webCoRE solution, so understand how it worked there.

When I was playing with recently, you'll have to explicitly put $args.variablename, $args by itself didn't work for me.


Thanks. Yes, that worked. In ST you could capture the $args value for inspection. Looks like that didn't port over.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 11.16.31 AM

when you are in the webcore ide on your piston, do you see $args as a system variable?

Are you referring to this?

yes, if you run something that passes args, and leave the IDE window open, it should fill in with the $args

If you don't see it try

staging* shows this:


dashboard* just gives me [:]

Receiver piston:


Hmm, I see it in the system variable but it didn't log it...

8/30/2020, 11:36:47 AM +474ms
+18ms β•‘Args:
+28ms β•‘Args.text: MyData

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