Using HE with with InfluxDB, Grafana, with InfluxDB Logger

The Grafana cloud does not require any kind of installation. The Grafana Cloud can be setup at this link Grafana Cloud

Simply put when you register and setup your account they will create a instance for you. Then you just go to that URL and log in and it will take you into your instance of grafana. I just logged into my account i setup for testing a while back.

Once you got that, all you need to do is setup the database connector to your InfluxDB Cloud account just as you would with the OSS version of Grafana. Then import the dashboards you want.

IS that the windows syntax stuff above??

if it is then i'm getting errors right away

When you connect to your grafana cloud it will look something like this.

Click on the +Connect Data button in the upper right and then on the following page type in Influx as shown here and the INfluxDB item should appear.

Click on the INfluxDB item to setup the database connection to your INfluxDB Cloud Account.

You should have all of the needed info saved in the tip sheet i created in the first post if you have been capturing it..

Give the datasource a meaningful Name, and specify the Flux Query language. Then scroll down and fill in the remaining influxdb access info. Put in the ORG you specified when setting up your InfluxDB Cloud account. Then your API Token you collected for the account and then lastly the Bucket as that is where the data is being put. These should also match what you are already using for INfluxDB Logger. Then click on Save & Test and you should get a successful message.

Lastly import the dashboard following the directions provided early in this thread.

One thing to understand is the cloud instance does have some built in dashboards for other things related to the cloud instance so you may not want to delete those incase you ever want to see stats on your cloud instance.

The info in your last post is related to INfluxdb 1.x compatibility and using the legacy method for querying. Most likely not needed unless you already have dashboards that use that method. I you are just going to use the dashboards @jtp10181 has in his thread linked in post 4 those all have Flux versions, so not needed. The post i made describes creating the Grafana Datasource only needs the API Token you already have.

What are you planning on visualizing?

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Well , to be honest I'm just going down the instructions in order. I currently have nothing. Im just starting to look at this to see what all I can do with it. I still need to play with it to figure out what all I can do. Off the top of my head I'm thinking the "normal" stuff. CPU load, memory etc.

Looks good. now go to this post by @jtp10181.

Scroll down to the bottom of the first post and follow the link to download the HubInfo Dashboard. That will give you the CPU, Memory, ect graphed.

Then follow the directions to import it into Grafana

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@mavrrick58 Thank you for your assistance so early! I think Im to a place I can play with it to figure out what all I can do with it now!

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Having a simple error (I am a simpleton). :slight_smile:

Getting persistent error in logs...

InfluxDB settings:

InfluxDB Logger settings: I've tried both "Home" and HomeAbraCadabra" as the "Org*" entry.

Using default setttings, monitoring items below:

What obvious thing am I missing this time? :slight_smile:

I think the problem is you have the full url entered were you just need the host name.

Take https:// out of that field.

The app knows to use https based on if you specify ti yse TLS.


DOH...did this in another automation quite a while ago! I'll give it a go.

Did it! Thanks for getting me over the hump, and for the detailed write-up!

Working - combined w/@jtp10181's dasboards I'm up and running! Thanks to both of you!


Is there something special I need to do for multiple hubs? I set two Additional hubs up with the same settings I used on the initial hub, and they don’t seem to be found.


I just wouldn't send the same device from multiple hubs. Is your Hub Info driver device named the same?

You can check the logs to make sure InfluxDB Logger is having successful post to the database on each hub.

Is this just for the HubInfo dashboard?

The hub devices all have different names, as do the hubs. But for some reason, the other two are not showing up.

Here are the logs off one of then

And the other


That looks like you have something sending bad data to influxDB Logger.

Go into the InfluxDB Logger app and set it to use a batch size limit of 1.

That will make it process one at a time. I believe it also drops the records if it is bad data. that will get you going. Once past that data I would set it to 250 so you can churn through your backlog.

That didn't seem to drop the back log, but it but does seem to be going down. I even changed the backlog to one and it steadily reduced the backlog events. However, SO FAR those two hubs have not appeared. For poops ad giggles, I went in an made sure each was configured EXACTLY as the one that is reporting is configured. Aall three are now identical (well, except for the device names)

Once you get past the bad data you should be able to set the value back up. Something in the data is causing InfluxDB to refuse the post.

What is the naming convention for your hubs?

Regarding the backlog / bad data issue, you want to set both the "Batch size limit" and the "Backlog size limit" to 1 in order to clear the bad data. Once the queue is cleared, you can ramp the values back up.

You should be able to identify the bad record(s) by looking at the errors in the log (look for "Failed record was: XXXXX"). When you identify the bad record(s), please post the data so that we can figure out what went wrong.

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Hub 1 (the one that is working) Wilson_617:Devices ; (Hub info Device name Hub Information V3_Devices)
Hub 2 (additional hub) Wilson_617:Server ;(Hub Info device name Hub Information V3 _ Server
Hub3 (additional hub) Wilson_617.3: Cloud ;(hub info Device name Hub Information V3_Cloud)


Hub2 logs
Hub 3 logs


Yep, that's what I did.. Still not showing the two additional hubs.

Just looked at my hvac dashboard, and I am getting thermostat data from that third hub to the HVAC dash, but not the hub info dash.

The purpose of this wasn't getting your data to show up. The purpose was to identify the bad data that was the cause of your post failures.