Using graphs in webCoRE

@nh.schottfam put up a fix about 3 hrs ago so it looks like you got it. It's now working for me as well.


Having a bit of a problem displaying graph.

I have 7 days of data in the file.

Did you enable the graph tile device? Does your graph preview display on it's creation page?

I think this issue was resolved by rebuilding the graph.

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Thankfully found this thread, would never have worked out the LTS otherwise!

Clarification request: If I go through setting this up to get webCoRe to generate graphs, will I be able to see those graphs in the native Hubitat Android app even when I am accessing the app remotely (ie not on my local network)?

I currently use Hubigraphs, however I can only see the graphs I inserted in the dashboard when the phone is connected locally to my LAN. If I open the native Hubitat dashboard when I am away, the area where the graphs would show is just blank.

I am also wondering about this...

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I'm moving my Hubigraphs to webcore. Is there a way to display current value on the graph? Below is a Hubigraph example.

Should work the same way.

Simply mimic everything in your current hubigraphs to webcore graphs.

@rlithgow1 @thebearmay Thanks for the quick reply. I have successfully setup my several graphs but I do not see where "current value" is available in the webCoRE line graph settings. I'm using the current built-in implementation of webCoRE on

Additionally, double click on the Dashboard sebCoRE graphs does not expand them like the Hubigraph version on the same dashboard.

Pick time graph... under configure graph pick select graph update rate. Also you need to turn on long term storage

Not sure what this has to do with "current value." All of the attributes associated with this graph are already set up with long term storage and are being correctly populated. Are you saying that the webCoRE implementation of "line graph" cannot or could not be capable of supporting "current value?"

I have never used a line graph I always use time graphs and they have the show current value on graph option. Not sure why the line graph does not. Perhaps change to the time graph, I am not entirely clear what the difference is between the two. Your graphs appear to be time graphs, data over time. Or wait and perhaps @nh.schottfam can explain.

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I see in timegraph options for "Current Value Overlay"

So would need to have more details as to your settings.

Yes it does, the question by @bbrannon is does a line graph have that option?

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I can make it work with time graph. I was previously using line graph in Hubigraphs with a similar result. It appears that the "Current value" option was omitted from the webCoRE Hubigraph import. Maybe an oversight?

I looked over the original hubigraph code for linegraph and do not see it there.

It is in timegraph...

@nh.schottfam @rlithgow1
I'm completely wrong about this. Thank you for taking the time to help me figure it out. After your reply I went back to look at the original Hubigraph graph creation process and there is no "Line graph" choice. It is "Time graph" and the first plot option is "Line." It has been so long since I set up a new one from scratch, I have always thought of them as line graphs. I've rebuilt all of my webCoRE line graphs as time graphs. Other than the availability of current value they are pretty much the same.

What is the purpose of Line graph as opposed to Time graph in weBcoRE?

Time series graphs help in visualizing trends over time whereas line graphs visualize a sequence of continuous numeric values