See HubiGraphs in Hubitat Android App Dashboard when not connected to Local network?

My goal is to see the graphs, created in Hubigraphs, that are in my Hubitat Dashboard, when I access the dashboard via the Android Hubitat App when I am away from my network. I thought this was not possible without a VPN, so asked about accomplishing this via VPN in the linked thread.

@danabw requested that I start a new thread for this, so perhaps my goal does not require a VPN? Any info appreciated!

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A little searching, just found this, which seems to confirm it won't work w/out a VPN:

Original Hubigraphs topic:

Yes, I had also found those threads. That is why I thought I need a VPN, thus posted over in that thread....
...those threads also allude to further development that might make it possible to view graphs via the app when not connected locally, so I was hoping your reply meant either something with Hubitat updates or something else had changed and it might now be possible...
...back to the VPN thread....

FYI - Hubigraph is no longer being developed by the original developer, but a fork/copy exists within WebCore.

Yes, aware of Hubigraph no longer being supported, but it still works.
Notwithstanding me trying to figure out WebCore and and recreating the graphs, would the WebCore graphs be visible via the Hubitat Android Dashboard when I'm not connected locally without a VPN?
If so, would the WebCore graphs be visible locally when I have no local internet connection?

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That will be a question for the WebCore team. Like you, I am still using the original version. Have not used WebCore yet…

Thank you
I tried asking, but so far no response...

Thus, trying to figure out the VPN solution...

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I ran into a similar problem. The issue is that the dashboard uses a local link to display the graphs. When you aren't connected to the same network, that local link doesn't work. For this to work, the dashboard tiles would have to point to a publicly accessible link.

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