Updating firmware on Iris devices before transition


I am a current Iris user switching to Hubitat. I have been experimenting with my devices on my new Hubitat hub.
I have two 3405-L Iris keypads that have different firmware versions installed on them. One keypad with firmware version 140b5310 works great with Hubitat.
The other has firmware version 11005310. This one does not beep correctly during the delayed exit and entry time I specify in Hubitat Safety Monitor. It only beeps 3 times no matter what time delay I specify.
This keypad was my spare that I never had hooked to my Iris hub so I figured it never received firmware updates. I re-paired it to my Iris hub hoping it would update but after 2 days and a hub reboot it has not changed. After contacting Iris they have escalated my call to level 3 support and I was told to expect a call back in 24 hours. With the pending shutdown I don’t have high expectations with their support.

The reason for my post Is that I read some people in this forum have bought Iris hubs just for the reason of updating the firmware on their devices. I was hoping they could offer some advice of how this process happens. Does this happen automatically or can I expect the level 3 tech to help? Is there another way to update the firmware?

Also I wanted to document the 2 different firmware versions for the keypad and the operational differences I encountered for the Hubitat community.

3405-L Iris keypad firmware version 140b5310: works great with Hubitat as of 3-5-19 with hub hardware version Rev C-5 platform version

3405-L Iris keypad firmware version 11005310 beeps only 3 times during entry and exit delay as of 3-5-19 with hub hardware version Rev C-5 platform version

Iris v2 Keypad

Read down from this post (link). It sounds like they do update by themselves overnight (or are supposed to). Apparently the only other hub that updates only the motion and contact sensors is SmartThings.

Update what you can would seem prudent and then get as much money back from Lowe's as is available to you.

You might be able to update these with a Wink hub. They do their update automatically over night or in a day or so. You can usually find the gen 1 Wink hubs for cheap.


The one you say works great...does it have the illumination problem with hubitat where after arming or disarming the iris and connection lights stay lit until you wave your hand in front of the keypad and trigger motion?


No, I never had the problem with the lights staying on. I think that was fixed with platform version This is the version I started with since my hub was new.


Does the lights stay on with the keypad with old firmware? I'm still having the issue but I'm not sure what firmware my keypad has but with exit delay the lights stay on when beeping until I wave. It happens on disabling too. Everything else functions normally.


I never noticed the light issue with either firmware. I will be testing more tomorrow and will pay more attention.
I found another refrence on an Iris forum about the different versions:


Platform version 2.0.7 will include a new driver for this keypad that will resolve the sound and panel lights remaining on problem.

Keypad not disabling HSM alarm
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Anyone know how I can find and possibly update the firmware version of my Iris 3405-L via HE ?
(I do not have an Iris Hub)


Level 3 Iris tech support got back to me and informed me that firmware version 11005310 is the most current. This was a surprise to me since this contradicts what I expected and previous posts from other forums.

Great to know that Platform version 2.0.7 will include a new driver for this keypad to help with issues.

I dont know of another way at this time to get firmware updates for the keypad other than an irus hub.