Keypad not disabling HSM alarm

I didn't know where else to ask this, so I'll ask you here...why is there no option to disable alerts using the keypad after the alarm has been set off? I got home today with thr wife and kids and our hands were full, so by the time I ran back to the keypad to disarm it, the siren had gone off. I entered the code to disarm the keypad and it disarmed but did not turn off the siren. I tried a few times all while my kids held their ears till I had to quickly log into the portal and go to devices and turn the siren off that way.

Ultimately this isn't an issue with the keypad but with HSM not having the option to do this...which is weird since it give the option to cancel alerts using switches and buttons.

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Disarming does cancel alerts. Having said that, that doesn't explain why your siren didn't turn off. We've seen this a few times and don't have a good explanation for it. I will do some more testing tonight or in the morning to see if I can find a problem.


I've had this same problem for a long time. In fact, communication with my Aeon sirens has always been spotty -- but, they weren't reliable with Smartthings either. Just assumed the devices were buggy. I've just accepted as fact that if one of us set off the alarm, it's going to be two minutes before we can actually turn the sirens off in the device settings. For some reason, virtual button + rule machine trigger to silence the sirens doesn't work - has to be in the device settings.

I've created a RM rule to turn the siren switch off whenever HSM changes to disarmed and the siren was on. I haven't had the issue since even with testing.

I'm having the same issue with my siren, and cannot find the "Siren On" condition. Is there something I need to change?

What do you mean the "siren on condition"? Are you trying to turn the siren on? Or trying to react to the siren being on?

In the above image, of a triggered rule, the "select conditions" field shows "siren on", I do not get that option. you are trying to trigger a rule off the Siren being on? why? the siren is an action device. You turn the siren on to get the siren to alarm. Not the other way around. The premise of the question is wrong. What are you trying to set up? Maybe just describe the situation you are trying handle or the action you are trying to get rather than how you think you should get there.

Also, the siren doesn't have any capabilities that are going to show up on the triggered part of a triggered rule. That's not how the system is designed to handle that device.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding this thread. During testing, when I trigger an intrusion, the siren begins sounding, disarming HSM disarms the alarm, but my siren continues. It does not turn off with a disarm command.

why is that? If someone wants to create a triggered rule with the siren being on as the condition (not thr trigger), as @dmdauto mentioned, and @toyanucci did (according to the screenshot at least), that should work.

@dmdauto what siren are you using? Does it have a switch capability? I am guessing that's how it can be used in RM as a condition.

But to highlight @bravenel's point above, creating a rule like @toyanucci did should not be necessary. They made several updates to HSM and keypads in the last month, so it's entirely possible that whatever the problem was has been fixed. If it has not been, IMHO, that would be the issue to troubleshoot (rather than creating a rule in RM to work around the problem).

Whatever was turning the siren on was what you would use for the trigger. The siren isn't a device you turn on.... It's reactionary. Something else is turning it on. So, logically, you would set up whatever is doing that to do the other functions too. Why make it more complicated. While it may be technically possible to trigger off the siren, that is daisy-chaining automations together and is not as efficient.

@toyanucci I have the same issue. I attempted to create a triggered rule like yours, but in "select conditions", I cannot find the Siren on. Is there something special you did to allow that selection?

Why are you trying to create a rule that the Siren is on? I'm not understanding why you are using this as a condition. What app/action do you have turning the siren on? HSM?
The siren isn't a switch device so it's not going to be able to be seen as turning on. In fact, it is alarming, like a siren would.
Why don't you describe what you are trying to do and maybe we can find the right way to address it.

It's a triggered rule, not sure if that makes a difference. Also, what siren are you using? Mine is a utilitech siren. shouldn't need to do that. If your siren is coming on via HSM, then it should turn off via HSM. If it is not, then that is the real issue. But if you are trying to correct that, you don't need a triggered rule, just use a trigger. If HSM disarms, turn the siren off. Period. If it is already off it won't hurt anything. Why do you need the condition of the siren being on.

What type of siren are you using and why is it not turning off? That is the bigger issue? Also, the siren should only be going off if HSM actually Alarms, so the status would be going from Intrusion or Intrusion.Night or Intrusion.home to disarmed.

There was an issue with one of the updates that caused the siren to turn on for a few seconds after the entrance timer was up. This fixed the issue. I think it's been fixed in a subsequent update but I leave the file just in case.

Not sure if you saw my prior post so I’ll repeat it here:

I am using the Utilitech siren as well. Haven't had much time to play with it lately. Hope to be able to jump back to it tomorrow. As far as switch capability, not sure, maybe someone here can tell me. And yes, the issue was, if the alarm was triggered, HSM turns on the siren, but will not turn it off when disarmed. I have to go to the portal and go to devices, siren, and turn it off.

This is a problem that I lived with for a long time. It's ultimately (part of) why I decided to install a real security system, and use HSM for leak, smoke, and CO. As I mentioned earlier, I wrote it off as zwave and zigbee sirens all being crappy and not a hubitat issue, because I had kind of similar problems with Smartthings.