[UPDATED] Weewx Weather Driver With External Forecasting



daily.json.tmpl should be in the following location:


I assume that's where you are editing it?



I've just had a thought..

After updating the json file, did you restart the service or (by preference) reboot your Pi?



Dammit, no! I'm changing it in /var/www/html/weewx

let me go change it over THERE. :roll_eyes:

I'll be back, with good news I'm sure, lol


This is just the folder ready for upload.. that's why it gets overwritten each time (with the one from /etc/weewx/skins/Standard)

Hopefully that's your problem



It was...I'll go crawl away in shame!

Thanks again for all you do. At least now it's documented where that file lives. Maybe save someone else the embarrassment. hehe

Oh well, have a good night...or early morning for you. Go to bed!


I'm glad we got it sorted..
Yep time for bed (01:15)
I'm up at 6am :slight_smile:



Where do I put this ?


In the web server root.




Ok that makes better sense


daily.json isn't being generated and I am assuming it needs to be referenced in a file to do this but for the life of me I can't find any mention of this in your first post where to make that edit. Help ?


There is quite a bit of ‘post install’ configuration to be done to configure weewx

John Hoke posted some detailed instructions here:


weeWX and your weather station(s)

If you really get stuck then I have a Pi disk image with this all configured (except you need to update the json file with the new one)

Let me know if you want a copy.



Can't do a image as its on a production PI.

Can't you just grep daily.json.tmpl in the Standard skin and see where its being generated at ?


I'm sorry, it was a long time ago that I set this up and linux is not my thing.
I can only really support the driver that I wrote.
Perhaps @bptworld or @SmartHomePrimer can be of more help

The thread that I linked to previously was what I used to setup things originally (I think!)



Found the missing instructions you need to add...

First of all this can be added to ANY theme not just the Standard.

Download the daily.json.tmpl into the theme you are using and follow below.

Edit your theme skin.conf


        template = daily.json.tmpl

Somewhere around other templates that are being generated at. Save and restart weeWX or wait for the next generation of templates.

weeWX and your weather station(s)

Thanks for the info

After doing this, is everything working for you now?




Except all your ° was translated into �C or �F

So maybe the file needs to be edit and saved as UTF-8


Can you add that info in the first post so others won't have to search the thread for the answer ?


Done :slight_smile: