[UPDATED] - Weather Switch - Turn on a switch in response to weather

The driver was recently updated to show the correct icon on dashboards inc sharptools.io
As to how to display them, I’m sorry I can’t help with that as I don’t use either.


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Does anywhere in the mess of data it gives you provide the url for the icon on weather underground?

Edit: NM I figured it out...

Hello all. Given the state of WU and their changing API point of view (no more free API) , are there solutions here? I have one of the Ambient Weather 1400 devices and would really like to pull in it's data to HE.

Also, separately @Cobra, I just started playing with your apps since you moved them into the container, but I seem to be having trouble. I have set up Average All, Presence and Weather as follows.

Installed Container, Average All, Presence and Weather parent and child apps into the custom section of HE. Loaded Container into my apps and then used the UI to install the individual parents. Once I drill into any parent to start installing children I get NULL entries as seen here:


Am I missing something?

Once it is saved, it will show the correct settings.
I’m working on this now and will release new versions soon, which basically hides the null entries until the app is saved and they are populated


Tagging @SmartHomePrimer :slight_smile:

I believe he has one of these pws.


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Yes there are options. Probably the best at the moment is Weewx with a DD-WRT router to redirect. I used Pat O'Brien's method (just option 2, the router part. Stop at the end of the router firewall description. You don't need more than that).

I have an Ambient Weather WS900-IP. it works with Weewx, as will yours, but you need to redirect the WU upload to Weewx via the extra router. You can use an inexpensive router. Just needs to be compatible with DD-WRT. I use the TP-Link models for low demand DD-WRT functions like this.

If you like the Ambient Weather dashboard, this method cuts that off. So you can either buy another observier IP and have one going to Weewx via the router and the other going to Ambient Weather, or you can just forego their dashboard and add a different one. Pat O'Brien recently published a version of his custom dashboard which I really like, but have not had time to dig into that setup. Lots of info to sift through there, but a lot of interest and activity in it, so lots of help there too. Pat is a really nice guy. Very helpful.

And there was a driver that @thomas.c.howard 's son started to write, which I would really like to see grow, but he's not letting his son do side projects until his studies are under control. :wink: I wasn't able to get that one to work. So I'm hopeful that will be a good solution for me. I really like the Ambient Dashboard and this would be easier than getting Pat's dashboard going, yet still give me a route into HE.

But, I'm ready for the day WU shuts out owners that have freely shared information with them for so many years. For now, that's what I'm using, but when it shuts down, so too will my upload to their site and I will pipe it through the router to Weewx unless something that suits me more comes along before then.

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FWIW, about a month ago I read a posting in the WU community that they were working on offering a free API for PWS owners that upload to them. No mention of how many calls that will include, but I guess they partially recognized their error. We’ll see.


I saw that too, keeping my fingers crossed.
As I use weewx, I only really need a couple of calls a day for forecasting.


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Thanks all. Today got away from me. Thought I would get to spend much of it working my conversion from ST. But in the end, just getting back to this.

@SmartHomePrimer Thanks for the detailed write up, I will review and try to work through it ... at some time!


I've noticed twice that I received a "null" in pushover notifications. Today I was able to track it down to the code upgrade notification in the child app of Weather Switch:

app2244 is my Forecast Low child app.

do you have the switch for pushover messages on in the parent?

yes you do.. I've spotted the problem..

AND.. unfortunately it is in all of my apps! :frowning:

I'll fix it and release new versions of everything over the next few days

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Always happy to help make you apps even better!!!

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Actually, I have a small update on them all anyway
I have added a second restriction switch
This came about because I use MC to announce things and an 'All Speakers' switch to mute everything
I also wanted a 'Holiday' switch to stop the early morning wake up messages when on leave

So I've added this already to MC but will add it to the others now and include this fix.

Thanks for telling me about it.
(Obviously, I don't use the notification :slight_smile: )

Hey there,

Just to add to your programatic fun, I finally updated the my weather station (Weewx driver) to 2.5.1. When I either poll or poll station, I get the error below. It doesn't happen when I poll either external or inside:

dev:12752019-01-06 10:12:42.330 amerrorsomething went wrong: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method contains() on null object

dev:12752019-01-06 10:12:42.329 aminfoWeewx Driver - INFO: Checking Min Outside Temperature

dev:12752019-01-06 10:12:42.327 aminfoWeewx Driver - INFO: Temperature Input = F - Output = F -- No conversion required

I have been having fun with this and WU. One question i have is how could i get TTS to read out the trigger?

Message Central

This will react to the switch being turned on
You can use the weather attributes as variables.



Thanks for the logs.
It looks like you haven't updated the json file for a while

Do you have these settings in your daily.json.temp file?


It should have all the 'sinceMidnight' settings but is currently getting stuck on the highlighted one..


Okay. I thought I had taken the latest daily.json.template file from your drivers directory and changed the right file, but I was editing the daily.json file in the public_html directory instead of the daily.json.template in the Skins/Standard directory. That would explain why I wasn't getting the right information. So I added the lines in the "sinceMidnight" section to the right template file, removed the daily.json file from the public directory and waited for one cycle.

All is right with the Weewx/Weather Switch world again!

Thank you for that.

Is there any documentation on how your "cloudy" weather switch works? I'm hoping that may help my overcast lighting challenge.

'Cloudiness' is just another attribute to turn on a switch,
Someone asked me to include because their driver supported it.

Weewx/WU doesn't yet I don't think.. need to investigate

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