[Updated] Super Tile - Icons have arrived! :)

Did you align them with spaces in between?
What happens when you take the spaces out?

If you have enough characters left then you could probably just put html code around your text to centre everything again..

Don't forget to use { and } instead of < and >

when you say spaces - do you mean blanks or spacebar (spaces)?
here was the presence one for steve

Try removing the setting from columns B & C
I don't know if that would work.. can't remember what I put in for a blank line without checking all the code

No dice sir


This has to do with the latests SW update. I believe the Hubitat team is still looking into this. In the meantime, there is a workaround you can implement.
Open the Dashboard settings, go to Advanced, CSS and copy this:

img {
  display: inline;

in there. Save it and your icons should be like they were before.


here was the tile - how does it look rewritten?

  "rowSpan": 1,
  "template": "attribute",
  "col": 3,
  "colSpan": 1,
  "id": 43,
  "row": 4,
  "device": "322",
  "templateExtra": "CustomDisplay"

You are in the "Advanced Layout" view, you have to click "CSS" once you clicked on "Advanced"

Then copy the entire thing in there


my eyes, they are happy once more


I don't know if I have to thank @Cobra or the guys at Hubitat, but my presence super tile is displaying perfectly again, since this morning. I haven't installed or updated anything...

Is in anyway possible to get the app anymore?

Cobra did say he was working on a way to bring them back when he was ready.

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Would love to try it, but I get 404 errors when I try going to the Apps and Drivers code on Github. I am in the states. Does that make a difference?

Sadly all apps have been pulled for now. But hopefully they’ll appear again soon :+1:

Thanks. I will keep checking.

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@Cobra when are you coming back ? Could use this app !!!


I've been racking my brain on how I could start my Dashboard build knowing that HE doesn't have the option to create a custom tile and then by accident I stumbled accross this post.
I read through this complete post and then found you had pulled you Apps & Drivers :weary:
I'm sure you had you reasons but Pls, Pls, Pls bring back this App!!

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All my current apps/drivers (and a few new ones) will be available on my website soon.
It is open for member registration but the site is actually not 'live' yet as we are working to get it finished.
All of my apps have undergone a significant recode to clean up and consolidate the code.
Some also have extra features which have not been previously released.
We may open it soon in a slightly unfinished state and add more apps/drivers as they are recoded.
Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of all this work sometimes :slight_smile:



That's awesome news!!
Let me know, if possible, if and when you're looking for members.
I'd gladly pay a fee assuming thats maybe what you're looking to do or not, either way I'm putting my hand/s up now :hugs:
Cheers for getting back to me, I look forward to your website opening!!
ps couldn't sind an emoji with one hand up