[Updated] Super Tile - Icons have arrived! :)

Oh that is a good solution

Hi @Cobra,

Just went to try to install, and your github looks... not right. I can't find the app or driver code. Did you move them to another repo?

I have shut down the website and withdrawn my code atm.


Bummer. Hope it’s not for long! Thanks!

What's up?

Having been "yelled at" and demeaned on these boards by a few users I feel I can step up on the community soap box for a moment:

Bummer that Andy has to turn us off because of some users. It's his code and if you don't like his choice of license, you don't have to use it. For many, we are happy to use it with the current license.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see anything in the Hubitat ToS where contributed apps and device drivers had to be fully open source, forkable, transferable, and sub-licensable.

Sorry, this is not like a global company not fully releasing a tool that a huge community has become relient upon (looking at you Facebook with React). This appears to be a developer, albeit one with their own company, that released an end product. I'd be curious how many of those complaining actually read the license agreements that Apple, Google, etc put out there and just click "ok" and start using those products.

The vast majority of this community Rocks.

I'll get off my soap box now.
Thank you.


And Hubitat doesn't share its code either except for a few example ones.

Many people here think EVERYTHING should be free and can do what ever they want... try that approach with the built-in Hubitat apps and drivers and you will most likely get the boot from them.

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Dear sir @Cobra - way we pretty please have an update to your beautiful super tiles app. I so hurts my eyes everytime I open my dashboard to see your masterpiece so broken.

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I wasn't aware that it was broken
What's the problem?

from what i've read the html alignment has been changed to left instead of centred (sorry I skimmed it) and now the tiles are all wonky on 2.1.5

and on 2.1.4

realise you are on break / not taking support requestions but my OCD knows no limits - apologies.

I'll have a look at this for the next release when the website is finished.
I didn't realise that this had changed.



appreciate your replies. I will just try to not look at those tiles until we hear from you again.

Did you align them with spaces in between?
What happens when you take the spaces out?

If you have enough characters left then you could probably just put html code around your text to centre everything again..

Don't forget to use { and } instead of < and >

when you say spaces - do you mean blanks or spacebar (spaces)?
here was the presence one for steve

Try removing the setting from columns B & C
I don't know if that would work.. can't remember what I put in for a blank line without checking all the code

No dice sir


This has to do with the latests SW update. I believe the Hubitat team is still looking into this. In the meantime, there is a workaround you can implement.
Open the Dashboard settings, go to Advanced, CSS and copy this:

img {
  display: inline;

in there. Save it and your icons should be like they were before.


here was the tile - how does it look rewritten?

  "rowSpan": 1,
  "template": "attribute",
  "col": 3,
  "colSpan": 1,
  "id": 43,
  "row": 4,
  "device": "322",
  "templateExtra": "CustomDisplay"