[Updated] - Cobra Apps Container



Turn off when temp reaches 28C but not turn back on until the temp has gone down to 26C

That would be a 2 degree deadband.


Ok, I was not familiar with the term.

I have another app which was designed to control an additonal cooling fan for one of my servers.
I will probably include that in Cobra Apps when I get around to it
This already has this feature so I could probably just copy the code over to temperature controlled switch when I get the chance.
This would be used with a fixed temperature though, I’m not sure how I would implement it using a variable temp control (thermostat)

Actually I’ve just though of a way to do it with the variable temperature as well.
I would need to make this ‘feature’ switchable though. It does not fit with my personal use case.



Fine by me


I've always called it hysteresis.



and some call it "swing"


FYI, if you set the swing, deadband,etc to zero, it would act as it does now.


Ohh i am really intrigued by the server fan app. I do the same thing for my server closet but I am not happy with the way I have it working.


Lol... coming soon..

It's actually a really simple little app
Set the temp sensor...
Set the switch (fan)
Set the upper temp
Set the lower temp

It should keep the temp in between the two

I've got some issues with the update code I use at the moment.
Important because it has an effect on all my apps.
When this is sorted then I'll add it



Andy I think there is a bug in the cobra apps...

I tried to install the flasher app and I'm getting a error 500 while doing it. I can't install any app... same error code.


You need to add the parent and child code for each app you want to install to your hub BEFORE trying to install it.
Otherwise you will get a 500 server error.
1 install Cobra Apps container
2 Add the parent & child code for the relevant app you want to install and save it
3 Open Cobra Apps and select the app from the drop-down list
4 Use the in-app install button.



ohhhh I misread that !! Stupid me.. I thought it pulled it in behind the scene....


Unfortunately, Hubitat does not have a link to Github or anything similar yet.
Perhaps this method is not really explained very well above.
I will publish a website fairly soon with a more detailed installation instruction page.
(It will have a ‘troubleshooting’ page too :slight_smile: )



How about re-wording the button to "Activate Addon"


The app says there is a update for presence central and mode plus on the 26th, but there doesn't seem to be one?


There should have been... last minute change.
Coming soon...

I mistakenly uploaded the json files with the incorrect version numbers in.

I'll edit them now to stop the update messages



the only reason i looked was because i got this error on one of my presence central devices to one of the mode plus apps.

[app:611]( 11:52:50.227 am [error]( No signature of method: app15435787670051559168923.presenceHandler1() is applicable for argument types: (com.hubitat.hub.domain.Event) values: [com.hubitat.hub.domain.Event@4c14d852] Possible solutions: presenceHandlerNow(java.lang.Object) (presenceHandler1)


Is app:611 modes plus or presence central?


always wondered this how do i find out?


If you click the link on the left.. it should highlight the app in the log list above


O is that it, I was already on the app so it didn't do anything :joy: it's the mode plus child.