Update Inovelli Switch Firmware

The inovelli red series dimmer (LZW31-SN) has firmware updates available. Reading their page here (https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/how-to-s-general-how-to-update-firmware-z-stick-z-wave-pc-controller), it says I can update it via usb z wave stick but that requires excluding each switch, updating firmware, then including back in hubitat. I did some reading on adding the z-wave stick (aeotec) to hubitat itself, this is where I get confused. Does hubitat use that stick to then do the firmware upgrading? Is there anyway to upgrade the firmware without having to exclude/include?


You actually have to unpair (or as Z-Wave calls it: "exclude"), pair it to the stick on a computer (using an app like "Z-Wave PC Controller"), do the update, exclude from the stick, then re-include to Hubitat

It's such a pain in the ass, if you do not need to do an update, then don't :frowning:

This page will give you an idea of the process using the stick


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You would need to use the stick connected to an external PC running the PC controller software. This is not done within HE at all.

Oof, thanks for the info guys!

I've also been following along the Inovelli firmware updates. Its currently in beta but apparently they're working on an over-the-air process. I would wait for that personally as I currently have 13 of these switches.

I was going to say the same thing. I would wait until the final update is released as its still in beta. There have been hints around the forum from somebody working on an app to do the update. This will make it much easier to update these. I have 30+ of them to do.

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@Bcopeland is working on a Firmware Update driver for Hubitat that I'm looking forward to.


I've been using a Silicon Labs z-wave usb stick and Silicon Labs PC Controller for updates. You don't need to unpair the switches. Just set up the stick as a secondary controller. It works pretty fast and you don't have to fuss with any Hubitat driver changes or pairing/unpairing.

Just follow the instructions in Tip: Removing invisible nodes and updating device firmware to make the stick a secondary controller, then update the firmware through the PC Controller software.

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I was thinking about updating the firmware in my Inovelli Red switch, but I realized I should know what version I already had, which led me to the Hubitat Basic Zwave Tool... But from the version report I see nothing like the Inovelli firmware numbers. The current firmware is 1.17 (beta) so I would expect to see a version number the same or less, somewhere in the log. What am I missing?

dev:12020-06-22 10:15:56.015 pm infoVersionReport- applicationVersion:1.9

dev:12020-06-22 10:15:56.011 pm infoVersionReport- zWaveProtocolVersion:6.4

dev:12020-06-22 10:15:56.003 pm infoVersionReport- zWaveLibraryType:Enhanced Slave

If you are using the Inovelli-provided device integration, the info you seek is right on the main device's page in Hubitat. From one of my LZW30-SN switches:


Also changing to the Z-Wave Firmware Updater driver then pressing the Get Version Report button will show you the current version

I must not have my switch set up right. I don't have that information under Current States. (Also Power appears to be a random number.)


I am using this driver, which Hubitat assigned automatically when I paired the switch.

Ah hah, there it is. Handy! But firmware version 1.9 seems strange for a LZW30-SN.


That is strange, I never looked that closely at it back when I flashed all my devices a few days after 1.17 came out. I had two still to install so I just installed one of those and it says 1.9 as well but I'm in the process of installing 1.17 on it now.

Thanks for confirming that this seems to be normal!

That your Current States shows Downloading firmware, I don't think you have clicked on the Refresh or Configure button.

I am pretty sure I did, but I just did both again and nothing changed.

When I went back to the firmware updater driver, I also noticed this error. :man_shrugging:

dev:12020-06-23 12:47:49.136 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalStateException: Default URI is null, and no 'uri' parameter was given on line 374 (firmwareStore)

That looks like the Hubitat-provided driver. You may want to grab "Inovelli Drivers (Gen2)" from Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), which is Inovelli's custom integration code and what I'm using with the Red Series switches.....


Thank you--that is surely the missing piece. I am still trying to figure out which drivers in common use here are from Hubitat and which are from the OEM. Time to learn the package manager.

Start with Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), which makes installing/updating many of the popular third-party integrations into a simple search/click task:


If they handed out Nobel Prizes for HA packages, @dman2306 would surely get my vote for HPM! For many HE users, it could be the only package that they ever need to install using HE's "Apps Code" editor thingy.....

HPM looks amazing! Unfortunately I had to ask for install help in the app thread since I could not find anything already written down. I am sure it is out there, but it is not easy to find! It sure doesn't seem to be the usual "paste code into the editor" method which is all I have encountered so far.