Unable to control dim rate with ZEN32

I just bought a couple of Zooz dimmers and scene controllers (ZEN72, ZEN32) to play around with. I'm trying to configure the Rule Machine such that holding a button on the controller will dim one of the dimmers. I've got the rule set up and it does work, but there's a problem:

The dimming speed when using the controller buttons seems tied to the ramp rate on the dimmer. When I set the ramp rate in the device's preferences to 5, it gives me a nice, slow, 5 second dim while I'm holding down the button - but then when I just press the power on button on the dimmer, it takes 5 excruciating seconds for the light to turn to full. What I'm trying to do is:

  1. Press once to toggle the light between 0/100% instantly.
  2. Hold to slowly dim the light over 5 seconds.

I can achieve #1 by setting ramp rate to 0, but if I do that then #2 instantly jumps from full to 1%. I can achieve #2 by setting ramp rate to 5, but if I do that then #1 takes 5 seconds to toggle fully on/off.

I've pored over forum posts here and I think that the ZEN72 driver is supposed to support separate values for ramp rate vs dim rate - but I've tried both the official driver and the unofficial one and neither provide this functionality.

I should add that when I use the dimmers normally - as in, using the buttons on the ZEN72 dimmers directly - the lights toggle instantly when pressed and dim slowly over ~5 seconds when held. It's only when I try to get the ZEN32 controller to mimic that functionality that this ramp rate thing seems to come into play.

Am I just missing something? Is this not a driver thing but a rule misconfiguration thing? Would appreciate any thoughts/advice/ideas. Thanks!

I think you want parameter 16 for physical dimming speed, but you have been only setting parameter 9 for ramp rate control.


You may need to use the Basic Zwave Tool to see what these are set to, and to change their settings if they aren't exposed in drivers. But my Zen77 are in the community driver at least, so I am not sure why you wouldn't see it for the Zen 72 also?

I'm staring at the Zen72 advanced settings and I think what I need is a param that doesn't exist (param 17 - zwave ramp rate) but that does exist for the Zen22. See, I don't want to change the rate that the physical Zen72 dimmer operates it - that works great and dims correctly over 5 seconds.

I want to change the rate that switch dims when another controller is controlling the dimmer rate. I'm actually looking at the Zen72 driver code and it explicitly removes that param option for this unit, but does include it for the Zen2* units.

Caveat: I am brand new to this - this is my first zwave device and hub - so I could just be making this all up. My brain!

Did you see if you can get a report for parameter 17 by using the basic tool I linked?

But I don't think this particular device has that setting (compared to the Zen22) as the Zooz document I linked with the advanced settings does not give that as an option.

Maybe @agnes.zooz can clarify?

Just checked - no param 17 value returned. Uh oh.

Not surprised, this isn't listed in the manual.

Maybe this is a firmware update request for Agnes...

I'm very open to other ideas too. I'm not 100% sure that this specific functionality would accomplish my goal: being able to use the Zen32 to dim/brighten the Zen72 at the same rate that the physical dimmer on the Zen72 operates. Kind of just throwing darts here hoping I can figure this out.

Hi just chiming in here that I wrote the driver you are possibly using for the ZEN72. Yes the parameter you are looking for was left out of the ZEN7X units, not sure why. I have a ZEN77 installed and a ZEN32 on my desk for testing (have not decided where to put it yet). I can see the value of having this ability. Looking at the manual for the ZEN32 the best way to achieve this might be with the associations. If that doesn't work I am sure something can be done in the driver to get it to work correctly.

Which button # are you trying to use for this? I can try a couple things out in the next few days and see what I can get to work.

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Yep, agreed. :smiley: I'm guessing that if we wanted full support that parameter/ability would need to be added to the firmware or something. The older models have it so who knows, maybe it's possible here too.

I thought so as well, but from what I've been told you can't set up associations in Hubitat. I've ordered a SmartThings hub and a Z-Wave USB stick to plug into my Home Assistant setup, so one way or the other I'm going to get those associations set up (will update once I've got that running).

All of them, honestly, but for purposes of testing if you just want to play around with button 5 (the big, main one) that would be a great start.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your work on this and your help. Seriously - the community here is amazing.

It’s up to the device and driver afaik. Associations are created on the device itself and work independently from the hub. The downside is that devices don’t tell the hub when they are turned on/off/etc by associations with other devices.

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Wrong, setting associations in Hubitat is possible if you have a driver that supports it. This driver I ported from ST can set any associations. It is a little rough around the edges yet, but it works.

For button 5 looks like you would want to set BOTH group 2 and 3 to the DNI of the ZEN72. According to the directions that should turn it on/off with a press and adjust the level with holding. Not sure how fast the level will adjust though? Need to test it.

They might (should?), I think that would depend on the device. If the device has the Grp1 lifeline association and it is ZWave Plus it should report to the hub any state changes.

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This tool works for many devices, but for others may need some code added to their driver:

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Just FYI the Inovelli association app does NOT work for any of my Zooz drivers. I have considered adding support though, as I do like the app.

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Apparently my GE z-wave plus dimmers don’t have any lifelines 🥲
I do have some Zen 77s and Zen 34s that I’m in the process of setting up as soon as I finish the Master Bath remodel, so this may be something useful for my application.

If they talk to the hub when you manually toggle the switch then they probably have the Group 1 association (thats how they know what device to send the reports to). I am pretty sure when I have tested associations on my Zooz stuff they receiving device sends a report to the hub of the state change. Seems odd a device would not, If you send a zwave command from the hub I assume it pings back the new state? But maybe not, maybe the driver is requesting the state back right after it changes it. Or maybe the device only sends a reply back to the device it got the command from. Either way, seems like a firmware glitch to me.

Don’t know. I just know that they aend state changes for everything except when changes happen due to associations with other dimmers. I have some associations set up because they respond faster than using the hub. I just have rules that run as well to update the hub.

Edit: I’m using group 3 associations (double tap) btw.

The Groups are not standard, so for Zooz group 3 usually is for dimming. Anyway, I had to test now because I wanted to make sure I recalled it correctly. Set an association on my center light to the counter light and it all got logged correctly. The counter light reported to the hub as soon as it changed.


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Update: just tested this out (using your ZWave Tweaker - thank you!) and though I got the associations working correctly - meaning the buttons controlled the on/off and dimming functionality as you described - the dim rate when using the Zen32 is still linked to the Zen72's ramp rate. Meaning that the physical dimmer on the Zen72 operates at a different dim rate than the Zen32 that's associated with it.

I will have to do some further testing on it myself to see what is really going on. What do you have Param #9 and #16 set to on the ZEN72? And what rate do you want it to dim when holding the ZEN32 buttons?

One way or another this can work. Might need Zooz to fix something in the firmware. Might be able to work around it with some driver code for now as well.

Param 9 is set to 0, param 16 is set to 5.

What I want to do with the Zen32 is assign each of the 5 buttons to control another light (or ideally, multiple lights). For each of those buttons:

  1. Press once to toggle the light between 0/100% instantly.
  2. Hold to slowly dim the light over 5 seconds.

This is the way that the Zen72 operates with param 9 = 0 and param 16 = 5. I want to mimic that same functionality remotely via the Zen32.

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