Unable to control dim rate with ZEN32

Ok I think I got this. Scrap the associations idea, set them back to blank, it wont work the way Zooz has the ZEN72 firmware setup. It would probably work going to a ZEN2x unit though with param #17 set to 1. I will have to send them in some bug reports based on this thread to get it working correctly eventually. @agnes.zooz

I added the startLevelChange and stopLevelChange to my dimmer driver. My ZEN77 I tested on did not honor the the dimmingDuration setting so I did a little hack where it temporarily changes the rampRate #9 to match the dimming speed #16 and then sets it back again. I had to put in a 600ms delay for this to work. The LED on your switch will flash a few times when you use this command from the param change. Seems like the dimming down is much smother than the dimming up but it might just be the cheap bulbs I am using, it does the same thing when I hold the dimmer paddle.

So... you should be able to set the startLevelChange(up/down) on the button hold, and stopLevelChange on button released, and it will work!

I posted it to a development branch on my GitHub (not in HPM yet). Click the "Raw" button to get pure code for copy/paste or import.

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Thank you for adding this feature and sharing the solution here @jtp10181! If there's any work on the firmware we need to complete to make it work better going forward, please send the points to me and we'll make it happen.


Since its a little tricky to get the one button to go up and down for dimming here is my button controller I setup for the on/off and dimming. Also I was having issues with it still going at the 1 sec rate so I adjusted the delay on my end from 600ms to 1000ms, let me know if you find the same thing I can post it with that change.

@calcubot5000 just curious if this solved the problem?

@jtp10181 It sure did - just got everything up and running this weekend, and it's working like a charm. I owe you a HUGE thank you; this is great.

Longer term I agree with you that it would be great to get this functionality built in to the Zen72 natively, but I'm guessing that would take some firmware jiggling so I'll just keep my fingers crossed for now. :slight_smile:

Again, thank you!

I sent in a report with the details on this that would allow the startLevelChange to work without my hack of changing param #9 on the fly.

Also, I believe this firmware fix would allow the associations from a ZEN32 to control any of the ZEN dimmers correctly, as of right now the multilevel associations on the ZEN32 are nearly useless (due to the issue on the dimmer firmware).

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