UltraPro zw3010 dimmer and zw4008 switch drivers

No, that's what causes ghosts.

It is. In the z-wave radio database. And since it continues to see that address, it cannot remove the ghost.

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Is it a MAC address that could be reported back to the user?
If so, it seems that we would know an offender.

At least I could find that switch and hook it up temporarily to exclude it.

I'm sure in my early days of HE I forced the removal of a switch or two when it wouldn't exclude.

You can, from the switch Device page there is a force remove button (red Remove button at the bottom of the page). But IRRC that won't necessarily clear the entry in the Z-Wave Details page for that device.

Wait - so you have 14 devices that show no routing and have a "Discover" button? I hope not...

At this point I'd do another shut down/wait a minute/restart and let it sit overnight.

No, there's 14 of that device type

There are no more devices without routing.
0B is the only one.

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Whew...you scared me... :wink:

Just thinking, could the database be rebuilt with existing devices only as last resort type command?

You might lose stats, but it would make sure you're starting with a clean slate.

A bit like the reset radio.

Except you wouldn't have to reinstall everything.

You could try a soft-reset, but probably would not resolve your issue. It would not (should not!) hurt anything. I haven't heard a soft reset resolving a Ghost issue. It can resolve general database corruption...


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I'll try.


To clarify - that the hub's H2 database. Not the z-wave radio's internal db.


Yes...hence the unlikelihood that it would do anything about the ghost. But won't hurt, and just in case there is anything else going on (weird switch behavior) might help. :slight_smile:


Went thru the soft reset.
Nope, it came up as before.
When I tried to remove it, it just went "pending".
Thanks guys!
Maybe it will fix itself😳

You can just wait to see if it causes problems (usually things like slow response of other Z-Wave devices).

If it doesn't harm, then you can ignore it. I had a ghost that was harmless. I did finally remove it, but more for me than anything else.

If it does cause harm, and normal processes won't remove it, you'll have a couple choices:

  • Z-Wave radio reset (not too much fun, but not the end of the world)
  • UZB stick and PC Controller app (a bit of a process, costs you $ to buy the UZB stick). Link to that process below:
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Btw, I did go around and pull the tabs on all my paddles, didn't help, so it has to be one of the toggles.
I could go to the breaker panel for most of the switches and power down all but the hub's breakers...
Would that work?


Yup - if the breakers align and you don't have to kill anything you need related to the network and hub, that is an approach that others have used. Go for it. (But don't tell anyone at home who you inconvenience that I suggested you kill their power.)


Yup. You can also take your hub to some other location (friend’s house), power it up and remove the ghost.


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