UK Light switch with Smart Bulb Mode?

I know that Zooz or Inovelli have their switches with smart bulb mode for US market, but does anyone know of similar one for UK/ Ireland (ideally 2/3-gang)?

I'm not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but I have installed the Aqara lightswitch. They do 1,or 2 gang versions, but importantly for UK, they do a version that does not require a Neutral wire. Link to 2 gang no neutral version on amazon:

thanks @mattcb , i was tempted to try that one, but couldnt find any confirmation that it works with hubitat. quite the opposite: aqara h1
it looked like those wireless remote switches from aqara work fine, but not the wired switches.

do you have yours working fine - what driver are you using?

Mine is working fine and is using the Generic Zigbee Switch. It was a real pain to get it to connect and took a lot of repeating the add device process, but it does eventually connect and has been solid for the whole time I have been using it.
I have since added a second lightswitch in the garage so I can turn on fluorescent lighting in there when the garage door opens (a contact sensor on the door triggers) and that is also working well

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Great, will give it a go so. Fingers crossed it will be a little bit more straight forward! Thanks @mattcb

Hey @mattcb - i got hte switch, no problem setting it up and connecting to hubitat. all working fine... except for the decoupling / smart bulb mode. I went through few different drivers and cannot find a single one that lets to switch the smart bulb mode on.
Did you have your working in decoupled mode / or at least have an option to switch it on?

Iā€™m using my smart light switch with dumb bulbs. There are 8 GU10 bulbs which would have been very expensive to replace with smart bulbs, so no need to worry about how to manage that situation

Hi @redpaw how are you getting on with the lightswitch. I hope that you have managed to get things working the way you want.

Hey @mattcb , unfortunatelly not. Switch works ok as a switch (i find it reacting slower to the contact sensor then yagusmart switch i have replaced for testing) , but no way to actually turn on smart bulb / decoupled mode. Tried using few different drivers and not a single one gives that option.
I believe you can do it in aqara app, but you need aqara's hub to do that, but i dont have one to check.

Did you try the drivers from @markus?

He left developing for HE some time ago, but I could swear his driver had the ability to enable and disable decoupled mode for the buttons. In fact, we worked on adding support for the D1 models at one point and I'm sure it was in there, because I didn't even realise it was a feature until then. Oh, nuts - is it a H1 you're using? :confused:

My only other advice would be to ditch the combined switch and button setup entirely. I found them to be an absolute nightmare. I now use WXKG06LM and WXKG07LM wireless buttons with my drivers and Zigbee2MQTT routing to control small relay switches in the back boxes, many of which are supported by Hubitat directly.

Hey @birdslikewires ,
indeed, i'm afraid it is H1... and i tried all those drivers. this switch wouldnt work at all using those.

i was looking at sonoff mini's but correct me if i'm wrong but there's no multiswitch options?

Your best bet to having those work through Hubitat would definitely be Zigbee2MQTT in my opinion, if you're set on using them. There are details on setting things up, but it does unfortunately require an investment in a Raspberry Pi and the Sonoff Zigbee receiver.

Are they these?

No, I don't see a two-way version either. I use these SM308 model relays from Samotech, though confusingly there isn't a no-neutral version of the two channel type. There are plenty of Tuya switch modules which have two and three-way switching on a no-neutral device though, and they tend to be supported natively by the generic Hubitat drivers.

You know, this is a far greater faff than I remember! I've probably blanked it all out of my memory.

@birdslikewires , there's a newer version (even smaller) - sonoff
but multiswitch/bank is a deal breaker.
i have tried yagusmart 3-bank switch and it works perfectly (actually responds much faster then aqara), but the main reason i tried aqara was for the 'smart bulb' mode - but looks like that wont work

Those original ones do look quite sizeable. These are the size of the ones I use for multi-circuit switching.

I do still need to update that driver for the different variants, and I'm sure the ones I have are no-neutral. Because I'm definitely using at least two of them. :slight_smile:

Post back when you've decided which way might be best to go - if you do give Zigbee2MQTT a shot and can send me the logs of what's received, I'll try to find some time to modify my Xiaomi driver to support them. :+1:

thanks @birdslikewires - much appriciate you help and offer. getting ready to move into new house in about month or two, and I thought that testing few switches would help and will be able to go with aqara, but that doesnt look like a case anymore, so will leave it for now, and probably get back to it when i settle in and then decide what to go for. maybe in the meantime there'll be some switch with decoupling released that works in eu/uk & hubitat.

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Sounds like a plan to me, good luck with the move!

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