Two Zigbee radios in the same house

Can zigbee radio traffic be hindered if there is a Hubitat hub and a zigbee USB transmitter on a PC in the same house within range of each other?

Just set them to different channels.. also be wary of WiFi interference as well..


No. Although I would recommend you put them on separate zigbee channels. At one time I had five zigbee coordinators in a very small house without any issues.

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Thanks for the info. I just checked and they are on different channels.
The PC is running an instance of HA I am playing with. Quite a beast.

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I am doing this as well.. If you haven't seen them yet there is a community based HA-HE bridge on the HE side and a HACS integration for hubitat on the HA side. These allow for interhub communications.

I use Node-RED as my central rules system so I can hook in both HA and HE and others. HE is my main controller though.

Fun stuff to mess around with.

Unfortunately I have 4 zigbee networks all active at the same time. 1 HE, 3 Hue hubs. Works fine.


Can a zigbee device connect to 2 different hubs?

In general no. ZIgbee devices can pair to only one zigbee hub. However, if you have more than one HE you can share devices using Hub Mesh.

Sounds like you are a long ways into HA.
I'm just starting to play with HA. I mainly got into HA cuz it was free and I have a spare PC laying around.
I know it is very robust but not sure yet if I want to climb the learning curve yet.

HE was exactly what I was looking for when I abandoned the Insteon ship.
And I have about 50 devices on my HE hub.

What do you do with your HA hub?

Don't know what @erktrek does, but I use it to integrate devices for which there is either no Hubitat integration, or that are known to perform poorly with Hubitat. For example, I have a large number of Xiaomi/Aqara sensors that don't work well with Hubitat, while they're fine with HA. So I pair them to HA and bring them into Hubitat for use in automations.


For my home system I am basically using it as a shell to manage Node-RED. Like @aaiyar mentions HA provides some other features services/addons not (?yet?) available in HE. In the past I've also used HA to troubleshoot certain devices that have issues in HE - able to isolate whether the issue is with HE or the device itself (usually device itself).

For my clients excepting some edge case it's HE all the way. Less expensive, very reliable device management, almost a complete package and available immediately.

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:joy: I not only kept my Insteon ship afloat, but I run it simultaneously with three HE hubs, HA, MQTT, Hue bridge, Homebridge, and Lutron Casรจta. EVERYTHING is interconnected and all is stable

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Just out of curiosity, how did you keep your Insteon afloat?

I use this Insteon server and client listener software. It runs headless on an old MacBook Pro that also runs my Homebridge and MQTT broker.

Using this server software together with the client listener, I can control my Insteon devices from Hubitat, and can also use non-Insteon remotes (I use Pico buttons) together with Insteon dimmers, switches and bulbs.


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