TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater

I recently ordered and received a few TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater.

There doesn’t seem to be a driver for them, but I found that the IKEA TRADFRE Signal Repeater driver seems to work correctly. (Devices get routed through the repeaters and work - some of which are Xiaomi and they don’t get booted off which is good...)

Neighbor Table Entry
[Family Room TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater, 081F], LQI:245, age:6, inCost:5, outCost:1
[Solarium TuyaGo Zigbee Range Extender, 7142], LQI:252, age:4, inCost:3, outCost:1

At this point however they are not recognized and therefore come up as “Device”.

Here is the fingerprint

It would be nice if the driver was automatically selected.

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Repeaters don’t actually need drivers. What would a driver add that you don’t have now?


Good question - I figured that since there was an Ikea driver, there would be value in having one for this repeater as well. I assumed that a driver was required for it to work, but it’s good to know one is not required.

To be honest, as long as it works, I’m happy. :smiley:


I think Mike made it just for the convenience of having the Get Route table button.


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