TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater

I recently ordered and received a few TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater.

There doesn’t seem to be a driver for them, but I found that the IKEA TRADFRE Signal Repeater driver seems to work correctly. (Devices get routed through the repeaters and work - some of which are Xiaomi and they don’t get booted off which is good...)

Neighbor Table Entry
[Family Room TuyaGo Zigbee Repeater, 081F], LQI:245, age:6, inCost:5, outCost:1
[Solarium TuyaGo Zigbee Range Extender, 7142], LQI:252, age:4, inCost:3, outCost:1

At this point however they are not recognized and therefore come up as “Device”.

Here is the fingerprint

It would be nice if the driver was automatically selected.

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Repeaters don’t actually need drivers. What would a driver add that you don’t have now?


Good question - I figured that since there was an Ikea driver, there would be value in having one for this repeater as well. I assumed that a driver was required for it to work, but it’s good to know one is not required.

To be honest, as long as it works, I’m happy. :smiley:


I think Mike made it just for the convenience of having the Get Route table button.


@Sebastien I'm thinking of getting the Tuya Zigbee Signal Extender as well. Looks like it works well as a signal repeater. How is it ow after all these months? Any signal drop out?

It has been working extremely well for me. I have quite a few of them around the house and haven’t had any issues. I highly recommend them.


I enabled Zigbee pairing in Hubitat and then plugged them into a powered USB.

Not sure if they use the “Device” driver by default, but I changed mine to the IKEA one… Not that it makes a difference - they just need to be paired and have power.

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I think the USB power plug is having issue. Replaced with another power plug. :slight_smile:

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Dumb question and I think that the answer is probably no, but can anyone confirm whether or not the Tuya Zigbee repeaters need to be paired with Hubitat in order to work, or do they function as expected merely by powering them on? There seems to be some value in pairing them discussed in this thread but it’s not clear whether it’s mandatory for it to function as a repeater.

Any Zigbee repeater must be paired to a specific Zigbee network coordinator, in our case the HE hub.
The discussions are about whether a specific driver is needed or not, and the answer is that typically there is no need for a special driver. But pairing to HE is obligatory.

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