Tuya Zibee Extender

I have bought LoraTap Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Signal Repeater USB Extender

Seems like it is detected by hubitat but not works with the driver mentioned here

Am i missing some thing here ?

Thanks for the help.

Typically, the Zigbee repeaters do not need any drivers. All you need is to pair them to the Zigbee coordinator (HE). Usually, the default driver named β€˜Device’ is assigned and it is enough for the repeater to operate as intended.

You can still change the driver manually, if you want to monitor the repeater health status (online/offline to the hub).
A link to such a driver can be found in the third post here.


Thank you for the reply, I have assigned it the device as default driver. But it seems to be not showing any status in hubitat devices list as other. Also it seem not to be working and help extending the range as it should be new devices are not discovered.

On thing i have put the extender in between other zigbee devices which is far from HE (Hubitat hub) so should i place it directly near to hubitat hub ?

If you open in a browser new tab the ChildAndRouteInfo ( replace the IP with the local IP address of your hub) :

do you see in the "Neighbor Table Entry" section your repeater?

Neighbor Table Entry


If not - you will need to pair the repeater again to HE.

Probably the best place to put a repeater is in the middle between the hub and the end device. Bit closer to the end device is better, than closer to the hub IMO.


Thanks that will help and solve lot of my problems.

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